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A couple years ago, Adam Boyes got in contact with me (when he was at Beefy Media) about consulting on some Mega Man Xbox Live avatar items because I had the most wiki points on the Giant Bomb Mega Man franchise page. It didn't end up working out but I was totally ready to do it.

I have never played a Mega Man game.

This is the best thing. You have made me very happy.

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@razielcuts: I read the arguments against her and I still think it's essentially just angry internet misogyny. Either that or you all are so insane as to think that someone needs to be a fan of something in order to do good work. Go look through the history of creative projects and you'll find countless examples of people who did fantastic work in a franchise they were never a fan of. Instead of digging through people's past for silly things they might have said once give them a chance based on their current and future actions. Maybe this lady will do a fantastic job if just given the chance. Maybe she wont and she'll leave without the harassment.

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Ugh, that community is super gross. If I was running that kickstarter I would just say "fine, fuck you, no more Mighty No. 9 and we're keeping your money."

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@slashdance: One meme is too many memes. I will not play games with memes. memesmemesmemes

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Still not going to buy future DICE games. BF3 was horrific enough to scare me away from them for a good long time.

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So excited! Idle Thumbs is the best. Anything those guys do I'm interested in.

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Why would any reasonable person care? Doesn't change the validity of her pop culture criticism. The points she makes in her video series are valid and interesting no matter what her personality is or anything she might have done or believe. If people would just stop trying to harass her and discredit her they might see that she seems pretty cool.

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Oh no. I never met Ryan and he was one of my favorite people. Whenever I was feeling shitty I'd listen to Ryan. I don't know what I'll do anymore. I'm so so so sorry for his family and friends. He was a one of a kind guy the way few people are.

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I hope it's true. Send Mattrick off to an irrelevant company. Like sending a spy to a radar post in Alaska.

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Don't fuck it all up!