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The lack of GTAV is just outrageous.

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This is too close for comfort. Fallout 3 pretty much has my vote for best game of this generation. I might seriously even choose it over GTAIV. Can't fairly judge GTAV yet since I'm not very far, but it seems like it could just end up winning my vote for the whole darn thing.

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I think Super Mario Galaxy is ridiculously overrated. (I did enjoy the sequel very much though). Still, I must confess that Rock Band 1 just never felt right to me. Something about the timing of the notes. I thought the sequel totally corrected this, though, and I think Rock Band 3 is just legendary.

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Started out using free aim, but ended up switching it to assisted aiming about 5 hours into the game. The aiming is tougher than it should be. It just doesn't quite feel right. Definitely had to change the shooting reticule from simple to complex as well, because it was just way too hard to see.

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Grand Theft Auto V. The only game you need this fall, and you don't even need a new console to play it. YAY!

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Dude, this is legendary. This makes me want the game. Bravo, dude. Bravo.

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Yes, it most certainly will.

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Today. Sorry, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's getting to the point where I should pull the plug. I haven't missed a day with it since I bought it. I think it's time to put it away. It's taking over my life.

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No, but I'm willing to make one myself at home and try that...

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Is this a serious question? Is a lousy sequel of a GTA knock-off even comparable to GTAIV? Rockstar laughs at this, and so do I.