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Hey, I just started playing, and I'd love to have some people to play with. I'm Beatrice Battlebeard@GrumpyHatter.


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I'd like to join the club, if there's space. My gamertag is TheGrumpyHatter

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Patrick, I just wanted to say thank you for covering this on the site. This is clearly something important happening in the industry at the moment, and I really am excited that Giant Bomb is bringing attention to it. While there are apparently in the community who are not as appreciative, I hope you continue with stories in this trend. There are people reading who definitely want to see more.

Also, I couldn't agree more with how stupid the "it's just [blank]" argument. It's just being willfully ignorant of the importance of media in our culture.

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Dunno if people are still playing this/checking this thread, but I just got the game.

XBL: TheGrumpyHatter