Quick and Dirty Top 10

Didn't want to bore everyone with another top 10 with a wall of text after every single choice, so here's my top 10 for 2008:

Vault Boy approves
Vault Boy approves
10. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
9. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
8. LittleBigPlanet
7. Fable 2
6. Left 4 Dead
5.Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
4. Grand Theft Auto 4
3. Metal Gear Solid 4
2. Dead Space
1. Fallout 3

Guess I should say that Dead Space would have been my GOTY if I had not played Fallout 3, but luckily I waited until I got it for Christmas to write this list. It's not like Fallout 3 swept the title either, I put a lot of time weighing them both, but Fallout 3 has blown me away in a few ways that Dead Space did not. (wink wink)


So I entered that contest to win a free game "FUELED BY DEW!" before the VGA's, and just received my code for World of Goo on the Wii.

Anyone else get lucky and win something?


Blog: Zombie Edition

Alright, with all this Left 4 Dead talk floating around the interwebs (which I still haven't played yet), I thought I'd take a moment and give some reasons why Zombies are the best fucking thing ever created.

And there you have it. Good day.


Blog: Dead Space edition

So, this morning I called up Wal-Mart and (unfortunately) Gamestop, to see if either of them had Dead Space in. Wal-Mart did not have it yet, so I regrettably made the drive to our old friends at Lamestop. I managed to get the last copy of Dead Space for Xbox 360, and raced home with glee.

Is there something lurking in the shadows?
Is there something lurking in the shadows?

I have now played about 5 hours of it, and have made it to chapter five (12 chapters in all) and can safely say that the game is stupendous. Dead Space is simply one of the greatest games I have played this year. The sound? Fantastic. The gameplay? Outstanding. The graphics? Amazing. The scare factor? Terrific.

Never have I ever been so incredibly terrified by a game's soundtrack and sound effects than I have been with Dead Space, and that says a lot. The game has it all, from sharp violin screeches, to near-silent heart thumps. The game's sound does an incredible job of immersifying the player.

This amazing eargasm of sound is only matched, if not downright shown-up by the incredible, intense gameplay. As said before, the game is incredibly immersive, and that is partly due to the lack of HUD. All of the HUD elements you need are displayed on Isaac's suit and/or guns, and this works incredibly well. The game's graphics are also a keynote. Everything from the shadows to the lights on Isaac's suit can be truly appreciated. A great example of the graphical finesse for this game would have to be when you are on the exterior of the ship, and the colors wash out a bit, due to the moon and star light. Moments like this really make you stop and breathe in all the pleasures we have today as "core gamers".

Dead Space at it's core though, is a survival-horror game, and boy does it do a great job of scaring the hell out of you. This game has a lot of scare tricks up it's sleeve, and continuously scares me again and again. I'm no pansy now, but they're something just horribly terrifying about the Ishimura's (the ship you are on) bload soaked corridors and torn up structures. You get the feeling that something is just wrong on the ship, and for good reason. Dont write this game off as just some jump-fest though, because there's a great narrative backing all the creepy shenanigans, and the game has something for every game lover.

So to wrap it all up in a thick strip of bacon, Dead Space is a fantastic game that Horror fans, and game fans in general should really look into.

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

Just wanted to post some quick impressions on this game.

Well, it's fantastic! It's extremely polished, extremely cinematic, and just overall a great game. I put about 4 hours into it, and even though I dislike squad based games (Full Spectrum Warrior, previous BIA games) I can say that it's really good.

Dood killin.
Dood killin.

There's a lot less squad managing, and a whole more dood killing, and that's definitely a great thing. The only problems I have with it so far is that there's a lot of callback to previous installments, and I havent played through any of those. Oh well, the game is awesome! Give it a try for sure, if you are on the fence, and even if you aren't.

My NES came!

Yeah, so I got home today, to be greeted by a yellow packaging envelope, and a big USPS box. YES. It was the NES I ordered, along with Mario/Duckhunt, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Zelda.

I've played a little Zelda and Mario, but a few hours of Mario 3. It's AWESOME. All in all, buying the NES was probably one of the most satisfying gaming purchases I have ever made.





8/22/08 Purchases

Went to Target today and ended up picking up Too Human, Street Fighter 3 Alpha MAX, and the Warhammer Online bonus stuff because it was only a dollar.

Too Human is fucking good by the way.

good stuff
good stuff

Force Unleashed Impressions

It's good.

I know TFU takes a lot of flak for it's extremely overpowered "secret apprentice" approach, but that is quite possibly the best part about the game. The over exaggerated force lightning, force grip, and force push make the game extremely satisfying. Grabbing TIE fighters out of the air and tossing them at dudes never gets old, and a combination of physics engines like Euphoria, and Havok make tossing Storm Troopers around everywhere a blast.

So yeah just to wrap up, the demo is completely worth your time, and TFU is looking and playing great.


New TV!

So my birthday is on the eleventh, but my grandparents are in town, so we went out to dinner and did all that earlier. But yeah, I ended up with a new TV! So, here's the picture :)


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