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I don't even want to think about it.

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Hmm, maybe Poker Night at the Inventory will teach me something about Poker and I can try this.

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I definitely have to get off my chest that I am sorely upset with how the ending of Fable 3 all went down. I must say that I was really enjoying the game, but that bit when you have to make all the decisions (which most seemed really unnecessary and unrealistic) just really soured my experience with the game. It really felt to me like playing "good" and not shitting all over my kingdom kicked me in the ass much harder then it should have. Basically, I had about -300k when the game jarringly flung me into 1 day until the apocalypse, so that meant I didn't save a single person. This in turn leaves my main character in an Albion with literally no inhabitants save a handful of questgivers. No shopkeepers, no random strangers, nothing. I strongly doubt I will be putting the Fable 3 disc back in the tray. Not cool Lionhead.

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Word to the wise if you go with this: You have to save your receipt as well as the little stupid ass sticker on the plastic that you are probably going to throw away. You have to mail them both in along with something they make you print out. The s and h is 5 bucks.

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Actually pretty stoked for F3.