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@devil240z: i get the feeling you are being picky. I take the galaxy far away thing to explicitly mean that yes, these humans evolved separately away from earth.

My thoughts on other franchises, Gears of War, Metroid

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Stop fucking around Microsoft and give me a rerelease of Gears of War.

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Maybe not that it is terrible, but that it just does not do anything well and is so mediocre, it is not worth anyone's time anyway when there is so much out there to play.

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Samoa Joe is just fat.

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If you can put together some ikea furniture, you can build a PC. Or more exactly, if you can build a PC, you can build ikea furniture.

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I remember getting it because it came out around my birthday. But here are some thoughts.

  • It was in development around the same time as Halo but released half a year later. I dont think the things that Halo did for FPS on consoles would have come over.
  • Shooting guys was weird because there was no blood as I recall so it was hard to tell if you hit them.
  • i loved watching the making of videos they used to include in games. This one had them go over the research into the operations and the orchestral music.
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It's time for the news... Patrick has been replaced.

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First one i played was Link's Awakening when I got my GameBoy Color. Never finished it.

Then I preordered Wind Waker and got the GameCube remaster of Ocarina. Didn't finish it.

Played Wind Waker. Didn't finish it.

Played Phantom Hourglass. Didn't finish it.

Bought the Link Between Worlds 3DS bundle. Went back to finish Phantom Hourglass. then Went and finished Link between worlds. Both great games.

Hoping they put out a special edition Wii U with the new Zelda and will finish Ocarina and Wind Waker as well.

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In my opinion, those team Ico games, not very good. Get all hyped up for what? This studio should be ridiculed for not being about to put out a new game for 10 years now. Are you fucking serious? They get hype from where? Kaz's ass? If you were a business person, would you put up with some studio not producing a damn thing for 10 years?

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Still 1080p and my Xbox One is doing ok, never sure what that shit is at. I may get a 4K monitor in the near future. Though i wish the cheap TN panel ones had HDMI 2.0