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@thehbk: EC3 is the only reason to watch TNA, he is consistently enjoyable in a way most people on RAW aren't.

I agree. But his entertainment value and personality, playing off Rockstar Spud are great, but it high lights how lame others are. Like the Wolves and EY.

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You guys are watching TNA now? Geez.

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Metro Redux because screw you fanboys.

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As I remember it, I was at home here in California. I always woke up before my brother and sister for school. My mom told me to check out the TV. She had it on the news. The first plane had hit already and we were trying to figure out how a pilot could fuck up that badly. But then we just watched in horror as the second one hit. We knew something was going on but didn't jump to the conclusion that it was a full on attack. Went to school, and we just watched the news all day. School got out but all after school stuff was cancelled. So my best friend and I went to another friends house to play on his PS2. Almost a year after launch and it was the first time I played PS2. So 9/11 and the PS2 go hand and hand for me.

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For me, 3 stars. I never got into borderlands. I like RPGs and Loot games with more self serious stories, don't know why. But I can recognize this game is missing a lot of the more diverse loot and customization of other RPGs or even shooters. The shooting is great. Story seems serious enough but really stretching for this epic feeling. The darkness? The areas are good but feel like the patrol doesn't good a good enough job of telling you not to take on missions that will just get you killed.

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@oldmanlight: I usually want loot games but there wasnt much in the beta.

But maybe your excitement will increase if I tell you about my friend Jesus Christ.

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Sports Sports Sports!

I dont see how you can be a gamer and not be into sports.

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Santa Ana, CA


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Save or check out these

Or this one with a higher res screen

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Im in for that white one. I wanted a 3DS that was more like the DS Lite.