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Telltale sucks at making video games.

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@corevi: You would think Capcom would have enough money to cover development and recoup it back from selling it on the Xbox One. They either don't have faith the game would sell well enough on two consoles or don't have enough faith in the game to take the full financial risk which you would think would be low for a game like Street Fighter

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Dan will probably vote for Shadow of Mordor along with Jeff and Brad and it will win, sending us to a terrible hellfuture where Dan is king and we all eat Taco Bell and drink 40s.

Like Demolition Man?

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Gears of War. That would be awesome.

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You eat Pho in Vietnam. You train snakes in Cambodia. And you train in Thailand.

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@thehbk: As opposed to heads rolling when the game is a buggy mess at release? All those other industries have delays all the time. Yes delays cost money, but once you're invested you might as well achieve what you set out to do.

Well my point is why can't they do their job and put out a good game on time? Seems like such a weird concept to say aloud?

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This is not your first game. You are professional game developers. I don't understand how so many gamers can be saying good, or yay for delays, when in any other industry, movies, retail, energy, a delay like this costs money and heads would roll. Do you job when you say you would. That is it.

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Listening to the Bombcast, it really sounded to me like Bayonetta 2 might be the Witcher 2 this year. Only Patrick, Dan and Alex have played it.

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It is so weird. But I think the sequels ruin everything. Sonic 1 had some speed and was really about some solid platforming. You had a few sections of a level where it sped up but mostly, it was about jumping and landing right and doing a pattern to kill enemies. Then Sonic 2 came along and everything was about going faster and more tubes and stuff.

We get to Sonic Adventure. I had a lot of fun with that game as cheesy as it was. This is where it went wrong where it needed and epic story to go with it. Mario didn't need no real story. Sonic just needed the Collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds and thats it. Instead we got Big the Cat, Amy, the fucking robot. Tails. Oh god tails. And some back lore about Knuckle's people. Anyway, the game still had some good gameplay, at least the Sonic part. It was awesome, not all fast sections, some good platforming bogged down by a weird camera, but still fun. We get to SA2 and its all about going fast and until generations thats all it seemed to be about. I blame their need to go with some big story with forced lore and multiple characters and the misguided idea that it has to be fast all the time for the downfall of the series. I dont think it doesn't belong in this gen, it just needs to go back to what made Sonic 1 and Sonic Adventure so good. Platforming. Not stupid ass characters.

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Game of year, game that appeals the most and best to the whole crew. I would not consider dragon age though it is an OK game. Too much glitchiness. I would have said Halo if rereleases were ok and it wasn't fucked online. But right now, game of the year to me is Far Cry 4. Most fun I have had in a game.

And to be fair, I was shocked GTA V or Zelda didn't win Game of the Year last year. Last of Us? No way.