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@blaineblaine: He was talking about emotional attachment. I grew up on Nintendo. For me, the NES and SNES were video games as a kid. But Jeff grew up playing on the PC, Commodore 64, Atari, Nintendo is just another console manufacturer to him. But yes they have made great innovations but they haven't done much except like you said put out gimmicks. From a business standpoint they are shooting themseleves in the foot by having hardware that just cannot have the same titles as the PS4 and Xbox One. It is a driving force in whether someone will buy the system or not. But that is besides the point. These other console manufactures have been doing more for innovation too. Triggers on a controller pioneered by Sega and perfected by MS. Sony put out dual joystick controllers.

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@lefishzz: Yes you can and probably should if you see dust accumulating. Most any graphics cards can have the shroud removed.

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Also look at the recoommendation. 2.4 GHz i7. I don't think I have seen an i7 at that low a frequency unless it is a laptop version. And if it was it would have been the first gen versions of the Core i line. So your current i5 will be more than fine.

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Can someone answer this for me? I mean really, why do so many people respond with, "I am ok with the delay because they are making the game better."? It is not like they are doing it for free or not charging for the game. I just ask because as an adult, with a job that has deadlines, I got shit to finish and a delay would not be fucking acceptable. So I don't get how people are cool with this kind of mentality. Even John Carmack has admitted that the "when it's done" approach fucked ID pretty badly.

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just use a USB dongle wifi adapter.

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To me the religious debate should not be about religion vs science. Science just is. It should be Religion vs No Religion. The question that has to be asked is how can anyone believe one religion when there are so many out there? None of this, well it fits me better crap because then you are not looking for the truth and instead just comfort. I don't understand how anyone can so steadfastly be Christian if they understand had they been born in Pakistan, they would instead be Muslim. My take is that if you see how strong faith is for different religions, then there is no way you can say one is true and the other is not. They all have to be true which is not possible and prohibited in those religions, so they all have to be false then. I would more readily believe in Hercules.

Also, fuck Ceelo Green.

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I would have gone with a 1500W PSU. Why? because why the fuck not?

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I just gave $10,000. Come on guys, time to ball out!

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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event

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It sucks. Try one where you have the name above three film reels that are just laying on the floor on top of each other.