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No, from what I have seen you should go for earlier versions. This one finally brings in the ability to make your own custom deck, but its like they went free to play. But not free. Magic itself is a great game and you will encounter different decks all the time. Seemed to have a lot of depth compared to other card games I have played, not just strategy or rules in the variety of cards and strategies you saw.

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Destiny feels half assed. Like Bungie already knew how to make great shooting mechanics. But the story and missions feel half assed.

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Works for me!

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A lot of this can be helped by watching more wrestling and learning how to cut a promo.

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Yeah I think you have the right approach, just keep doing stuff for them to keep liking you, you dont need a meter for that. But if you have sex with them, I think that means you hit a wall.

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Another site that Giant Bomb has put of business. Is Giant Bomb the WWF of gaming sites?

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When Dan and Jeff go on about wrestling and then Brad chimes in with Dota stuff, Drews reaction is always priceless.

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@nictel said:

I can't believe wrestling is still around. It seems so nineties to me.

Wrestling has been around as a fake as shit sport since the first decade of the 1900s. 110 years abouts.

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I had never play a Metroid game before but I corrected that last year by beating Metroid Prime and loving it. However, I stil have not beaten a Zelda game before. Even worse, I own 3 of them.

What's your biggest gaming shame?

Edit: I realized most ppl are just gonna say their massive backlog but thats a modern problem in the post steam world so can we exclude that answer?

Haha, oh man that is mine, Zelda. Well I own Ocarina, Link's Awakening, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Link Between Worlds. I hadn't finished any Zelda game until I finished Phantom Hourglass and Link Between Worlds early last year.