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I would go with NVIDIA. No one can answer this but why does AMD have such bad engineering or are just way behind in terms of power consumption/heat generation. That Titan Black Z whatever card is impressive but still uses a blower for cooling while that 295X2 card has to come with a liquid cooler. What the fuck AMD.

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Out of all those, I would only finish Half Life 2, Last of Us and Knights of the Old Republic

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I do up and over if there is a unrinal. But I usually sit down because I would rather not take a chance on getting anything dirty

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I would die for Giant Bomb. But what if, what if the site really did decide to turn heel?

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I shower before bed too. Gotta feel clean before hopping into bed and going to sleep.

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TitanFall, Trials Fusion, South Park. All great times.

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I would not return it. especially if your wife is black. That would be awkward.

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@nightriff said:

I bet there is a early termination fee that you could pay.

Otherwise get someone to sign the lease over to ASAP, bargain with them, not your landlord.

My lease doesn't allow early separation. Just that if I leave, I'm responsible for the rent payments until the end of the contract.

OK, you gonna need more info. First try to find someone who is willing to take over the lease and sign for it. Who is this landlord? Is it a big apartment company that owns the place or just some dude? So just try your best at it. And if he wants to sue, fuck him, let him sue. The amount he is threatening you for is too large for small claims court and if he wants it, he is gonna have to lawyer up and it probably isn't worth the effort. Might be fucked up but you gotta look out for numero uno. And as Big Sexy Kevin Nash would say, it's just business.

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8 years with barely anything to show for it but rumors. Even if it does come out, as a business that is unacceptable and someone will lose their job.

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I don't like the PS buttons, not since the first PS controller, and the sticks being toward the center, it just feels too weird.