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When the thin men walk the streets, the sane stay underground.

Nice.. very nice.

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Took a week off work to play Mass Effect 2. Was totally worth it. This year I neglected to take any holidays and randomly chose a week in october. It just so happens that I chose next week. Xcom comes out in the UK on friday. Divine providence? I think so.

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I'm sure they'll get round to sorting that out, unecessary negativity notwithstanding.

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After deleting and reinstalling two more times it suddenly works. I have no idea why.

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Hey People! Just decided to install borderlands on my 360 as I go back to clear up some achievement and such and noticed textures loading in a bit slow so I decided to install it on the hard drive. After I did this I got to the title screen and for some reason pressing start at the prompt 'press start' does nothing and I can't get past that screen to actually play the game. Uninstalled it and it runs fine off the disk now. Anyone else experience this or is my console just nuts?

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And as this also was an appreciation thread I will also say that you are the best thing that has happened to Giant Bomb during this year. Screw the haters. This site continues delivering interesting, fun and thoughtprovoking content and you are a big part of that. The quality writing you do is among the best in the field.


Also this. Huge hugs man!

Can't really figure out anything to say, but I'll reiterate this. Patrick's been a fantastic addition to the site.

This is everything I wanted to say too so I'll be lazy and just quote them. Also, 'Worth Reading'

has become one of my favourite things on the site and I'm glad you've found the time to resume it, even with everything that's happend. Patrick, you are The Man.

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Oh man Patrick, you scared the shit out of me with that title. I didn't want another great developer to be in trouble.

Same here, I expected Telltale to be going under and that's why the episode was delayed.

Indeed. Brown trousers time it was.

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@The_Laughing_Man: Seems likely. Just thought maybe I was missing something. I'll revist them all once I get a buch of treasure maps just in case though.

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@Kyreo: But there are 13 X's and 3 of the stones share the same location.

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ther are 13, which does match the number of standing stones, but they don't appear to be in the right places, if that's the case.Some of them are near but some are way, way off.