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I wouldn't be too shocked if nintendo tried to sue, it's basically wii motion plus and a nunchuk.

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@Jeust: I have the uk version which doesn't work on my on my uk 360. Listed under backwards compatible on for uk 360's it says "silent hill 2: Dreams" which is the american title. the uk version is not listed in this section, so before i lay down cash and excess shipping costs i just want to know if the american xbox version will work in my uk 360.
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@Jeust: Just wanna know if anyone has tried the u.s. version on a uk 360 as thats the only reason i can fathom why microsoft would list it under backwards compatible in the UK section.
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@Jeust: Yeah but silent hill2: restless dreams is on the uk compatibility list but that is the title of the american version. 
Anybody actually tried this?
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@Jeust: done and done. Not compatible
Anyone tried the american version in a uk 360?
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Definitely compatibility. I assumed that it would work because it's a pal console. Does this mean that the american version will work on a PAL 360? Anybody tried this?

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@timay: it did indeed, I can hear the menus moving but the "signed in to xbox live" message is statically frozen on the bottom of the screen.
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@Meowayne: Component
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Just bought a copy of silent hill 2 for Xbox because microsoft claimed it was backwards compatible for 360 on their website. Just put it in and I'm getting sound and no picture. Any Ideas?

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@frankfartmouth said:

When you weigh all the pros and cons of getting one at launch, it definitely makes all the sense in the world to wait; launch lineups are usually weak, launch consoles are usually buggy, and launch lines/campouts can be hell. But for whatever reason, the systems I got at launch are the ones I remember the best. Not that they were even the best systems, it's just that bringing home a shiny new, acrid smelling console that hardly anyone on your continent has lain hands on is always an experience. That always turns into an all-nighter, even if it's with a shitty launch game.  

This was pretty much my experience with the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure, it's amazing how one can will oneself into enjoying a game just because your caught up in the delerium of a sleepless night combined with the culmination of a year of anticipation.