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when i heard about this i got so upset i picked up the nearest object (miku hatsune 13" figurine) and chucked it across my room at full force in a fit of anger. Well it hit my ps3 which toppled off the shelf and fell on my dog. Took my dog to the vet and they had to do emergency surgery, something about a crushed rectum. anyways my dogs bottom is shaved of all its fur now and fuck you bethesda

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ugh this is disgusting. i hate that these games get made. and those stupid bros and jocks play them AARRGGGHHH why can't the world just embrace GOOD games, i'm so fucking mad right now i'm going to explode, time for some anime and final fantasy to calm my nerves i'm so alone

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Drop a word like "dudebro" and then gets confused at the term "fratboy." We should be asking YOU what the fuck a "dudebro" is. Also there is a difference between knowing how to read and interpreting things differently. You typed one sentence that could be interpreted a number of ways, most of them bad and offensive. Don't get mad at people taking offense to offensive things you write on the internet.

i'm still so alone

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those filthy, jockey dudebros can have their Callof Duty and their madden. Their loss that they will never experience the trials tribulations and emotional satisfaction that come out of playing a nice, well-rounded rpg. i'm so alone

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If a single plot element "spoils" an entire thing for you, then that thing probably isn't very good to begin with.

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Why even watch the quicklook if you already own and are playing the game? There's nothing new for you to see. You're asking for shit to be spoiled. Don't get mad at Jeff and friends.