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I would totally play Modern Times: The Video Game.

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And there it went.

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@homer39: bwahahahaha, that was delightful. Brad shoulda got in on that!

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Hah! Anyone have a link to the actual segment? Time at least?

I caught a shot of Brad in the audience during the all-star match around 11 minutes in.

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That blood type video is legit the most interesting thing I've seen/heard in a while.

AND JANE DOUGLAS! Cool to see her puttin stuff out still.

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Fuckin finally. Since Warriors Orochi I've wanted to play a Samurai Warriors game, but my friend I always played Dynasty Warriors with only had those, and none of them came to the PS3 in North America. I always found the characters more interesting or fun to play. I mean, it is a bunch of samurai and ninjas after all. DW has some cool characters, but Zhou Tai was always one of my go-tos there for being the closest to playing as a stoic samurai, complete with all the fancy sheathing and unsheathing.

Maybe it's the flashy effects, what looks like some specularity on clothing and armour, or just the character designs themselves, but something about the player models here looks crisper than I remember from the series of late. Lighting looks a tad bit better too. Granted the games still looks far off from the next-gen Musou game I used to dream of.

Gotta say though, looking for characters to refresh myself on characters from SW, I came across some Sengoku Basara stuff. I might have to give that series another chance. They made Kotaro Fuma look like a bad-ass instead of a red-headed ninja Kefka (which is admittedly also kinda awesome).

Those games always had a great sense of style, but the little I played of the first one was a lot more linear than I was expecting. It was mostly just me running down a rocky path fighting to the end of the level as opposed to running around a more open space like in DW. Combat felt a lot smoother and way more combo-focused than DW though. Also apparently SB4 just straight up has a Dante costume for Masamune Date, so fuck it, that's kinda cool.

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Started playing it earlier tonight. Had a good time!

Feels like Smash Bros like as I expected from the videos, but there's a tension to the combat unlike Smash. I was hoping it would be a Spelunky level of challenging, but I ended up beating the Warlock on my second run without dying. So maybe it's measured instead of tense, strictly speaking. Although, I did enter a room with a big devil icon and fought some crazy giant ghost skeleton king with like 5 crowns. He promptly kicked my ass, buuuuuuuuut then I beat him on my next run. :\

Apparently the Warlock not being that tough doesn't matter though because the game's about beating the Warlock over and over? Doesn't sound all the great, but the combat's real fun and playing as the enemies adds some variety. Would be great if you could unlock more characters to level up with. I'm hoping there secretely are since the versus mode has 9 slots for champion characters, but from the looks of it in trailers and screenshots, they're just bosses or characters like the Jackal (guitar skeleton), the Shopkeeper, and Paganini (violin skeleton). Doubt they'll have the same treatment as the main 3 with unique weapons and more than 3 special attacks.

I already unlocked the third character after about 3 hours with it, and it's easy to see them updating the game with similar other rooms where you can unlock other levelable characters. I certainly hope that's the sort of thing they intend to do with the game.

It's got beautiful art, great voice acting, and an intriguing premise, but it really does feel a bit bare-bones at the moment (no pun intended). They've spoken about content updates and the community unlocking stuff, so we'll see if they can deliver on all that, but I'll definitely keep playing it. The combat and movement make it fun enough to just run around random-ish environments beating up on weird nightmare characters.

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@corruptedevil: Oh I totally forget the show was on Netflix. That's even where I watched it too.

Yeah, if you've never seen Twin Peaks and are interested, Netflix is definitely the way to go. 7 bucks versus 135, pretty easy choice. I'm still totally gonna buy this thing though.

Wasn't the Netflix version in HD? Would this be like Law and Order where you get wide screen?

Judging by this video, no. They've touched up all the old stuff, but it's still 4:3. I haven't seen an ad like this in a loooong time. All it's missing is a phone number to call in and order from at the end. It also spoils the best scene from the show (the llama). When I saw that shit I had to rewatch it like 10 times. It's so fucking perfect.

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Twin Peaks is coming to blu-ray.

It's not just both seasons and the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me you'll be getting though. The 10-disc collection also comes with something they're calling "The Missing Pieces".

90 minutes of deleted/altered scenes from Fire Walk With Me put together as a feature-length experience by David Lynch. From what I've seen and read, it won't answer many of the questions you might have about the crazy mythos or the events of the series, but it'll sure give you more Twin Peaks. If you're just interested in a follow-up to that last scene from the show, well let's just say there's a bit more to those final moments here.

If you haven't seen Twin Peaks yet, this looks to be a great way to dive in. If you're already a fan of the show, getting this is a no-brainer.

*thumbs up*

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God I hope this Mirana kicks ass.