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Wait, didn't Doug Lombardi leave Valve?

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@theht said:

Pathetic? Geez, that's maybe a bit harsh.

git gud nub


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Pathetic? Geez, that's maybe a bit harsh.

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Kinect just can't get a break.

I'm sorry Dan, stuff like this is a huge bummer, but this right here is fucking gold.

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Can't wait! Not sure if I'll jump into the MP first or head straight into SP.

Mass Effect 3's multiplayer was surprisingly enjoyable, and they supported the ever-loving shit out of it. This looks more in-depth than that with the increased customization and somewhat randomized areas.

If you're staunchly against the idea of a multiplayer mode in an RPG like this, maybe try thinking of it as instanced mutliplayer dungeons, like in an MMO? Those are RPGs. I dunno, I've been playing a lot of Old Republic and enjoying the flashpoints there, so getting some of that with Dragon Age sounds great to me. Is there going to be dialogue stuff or will it just be straight combat?

In any case, I'm looking forward to this game more than any other, but I'm not getting my expectations up.

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I was going to make write some long-winded call to arms about being better journalists, but @brodehouse @marokai and even @icemael have covered pretty much everything.

I was just going to post a silly gif, but I agree with these people.

Also, games journalism:

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Cool! It'd be great if they just made a Mario Kart with a bunch of Nintendo characters instead of just Mario and Donkey Kong.

Would also be awesome if they made all the characters in a similar style, like how Konami Krazy Racers had Grey Fox in it but they all looked like Mario Kart sprites.

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I'd like to see them try out other MOBAs as a feature.

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@theht: There's a difference between integrity and journalistic integrity, which is basically the lack of any non-professional contact between a journalist and his subject matter. "truthfulness, accuracy,objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability" says Wikipedia. I don't think all of these are reasonable standards for the sorts of content that a site like this produces.

To everything the site produces, probably not. At least not all of those standards. I don't expect the crew to base their opinions for reviews and editorials on some philosophically objective system, but I do expect the opinions expressed by them to be honest, and unmotivated by external parties.

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If you've ever used horrible analogies such as "I like movies, but it doesn't mean I'm a movier,"

I largely agree with what you're saying here, except for this. If someone only occasionally plays games and doesn't consider themself a gamer, that's fine. If someone reads infrequently and doesn't consider themself to be bookish, that's also fine.

The split seems more like the split between "hardcore" (ugh) and "casual". If you play a lot of games, you're a gamer. If you go watch a lot of movies, you're a moviegoer.

There aren't any other connotations that come with them (besides the obvious, like if you read books you're probably able to read). I don't see why being a moviegoer would imply you like popcorn or why being a gamer would imply you're a woman-hating, Dew drinking, Cheetos fingered, asshole. Those are just blatant generalizations.

I will agree that the word itself kinda sucks though. HEY GUYS IM A GAMER. I PLAY VIDEO GAMES. IM A GAMER ARENT GAMES GREAT.

If someone asked me if I was a gamer I'd probably just say "yeah, I play a lot of video games, sure".