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Mouse and keyboard. Mouse and keyboard all day, err day.

I thought the third option said "Flight Stick". That'd be something. Although, I guess it wouldn't be that strange when you're on an archwing mission. Hunh.

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I want Repro, Octotar, and Apeden to show up in Mortal Kombat X. I imagine Squidward-like's fatalities would be the most brutal.

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Looks alright; boss fights especially. I'm kinda not into how much the UI looks like a Souls game.

The guy talking about it is weirdin me out though.

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@jerseyscum: Here's a longer version. He keeps bringing it up during the interview.

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I liked it at first, but got a bit tired of the weekly adventure format they had in most of season 1 and stopped a few episodes shy of when The Winter Soldier came out and flipped the show on it's head. I was admittedly wondering about what they'd do with the show while I was watching Cap 2, but my curiosity wasn't enough to get me to catch up. Then season 2 started and the mid-season finale happened. I read about what happened and immediately started getting myself caught up.

Knowing what was ahead (and perhaps more importantly marathoning it) actually made the rest of season 1 a lot more enjoyable. Season 2 felt like a completely fresh start. Characters were different, the stakes were higher, S.H.I.E.L.D MO felt a lot more like a spy agency, and by the time the mid-season finale rolls around it became clear that it was firmly at the forefront of the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff.

Agent Carter is also fantastic. Hopefully those Netflix shows don't waste any time to get good. The shots of Owen from Boardwalk Empire as Daredevil look pretty good.

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You've perfectly captured Dan's glee face in pixel form.

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@theht: oh man, have you heard Louis CK asking Donald Rumsfeld if he's a lizard? it is f-ing golden.

I'm listening to it now. Hooooly shit. He never denies it! Fucking amazing haha.

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Hey! Can I re-join? My GW2 name's TheHT.5216.

Started a Warrior and Guardian recently and am enjoying them so far (I have a level 80 Ranger and dabbled in Thief/Elementalist but never got that deep with those characters). I mostly like PvE stuff.

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Reptilian humanoids secretly invading our planet by masquerading as old incompetent politicians. I don't believe it, but it's a fun one.

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First trailer, shows some Frank West. It has the song "Memory" from Cowboy Bebop in it for some reason at the beginning. The embed below doesn't have that part, but it's in the link. I dunno what's up with that.

Looks kinda lame until Frank West shows up and they start showing off silly melee weapons.