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Hah! Good stuff.

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@ravelle said:

Polygon 9.

Destructoid 6.

Gamespot 8.

Eurogamer 8.

Gameinformer 8.25. ( really weird scoring )

Gametrailers 8.7.

Seems it turned out pretty great.


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Sounds neat! Obviously if it works it'll be great, and if it doesn't no one will be surprised.

It's an interesting endeavour, especially from a fairly prominent Japanese game company.

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I haven't watched any of Metal Gear Scanlon yet. I dunno, I'm kinda not interested in watching anyone play through MGS1.

MGS2 though, oh boy. That'd be a doozy.

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@humanity said:

@theht: I keep thinking that people that continue saying "but I love playing the game" after listing all the way in which it's a bad game are experiencing some form of never before seen video-game stockholm syndrome.

The game's got problems, but I'm still having fun with it despite its faults. That isn't crazy at all.

Also it MAKESS ME FEEL ALIVEEE AGAINNNNNN *intense electrocution*

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@bisonhero said:

I can understand policies that ask sites to not stream like, the entire game front to back, or to not go past a certain story beat, but in the case of Hyrule Warriors, a game review sites wouldn't do the former because it would be tedious, and the latter is unlikely to be an issue because it's a Musou game.

A Musou game COULD have a good story, but this one is just a retread of previous Zelda games but more anime. There's literally 0 story beats that weren't already in a game that's been out for 3-16 years.

So you're saying it's a Musou game.


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@rowr said:

O hey this patch is out and it's weird as fuck.


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I'm pretty sure Bill Nighy is NOT in the game, despite what you think.

Apparently Bill Nighy is the Speaker. It sounded a whole lot like Terence Stamp to me.

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What the FUCK. Who are these people voicing?!

There are like 5 characters in the game, and I use that term loosely.