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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

The one Spider-Man game I've played to get the movement of Spider-Man right, particularly the speed. Getting around the city is a blast. The combat tends to boil down to the web-zip attack over and over, but it's a lot of fun to mix in other attacks, zipping from enemy to enemy. Fighting on the ground one moment, then on the side of a building, and next purely in the air, hopping from enemy to enemy.

The story was alright. It was an original story focused on the symbiote doing it's thing, so it's got that going for it. Fighting symbiote Wolverine was pretty cool. In addition to Wolverine, there's some Moon Knight and Black Cat and Luke Cage, among others. But it's mostly just the traversal and that web-zip attack that makes this game so much fun. For a good few years it was my podcast game. Just load up a bombcast and swing around the city. Sometimes I'd have to find another podcast to listen to, it was so relaxing.

Remember Me

Love the look, love the music, love the story, game plays great. The combat is fine. You leap to enemies like in the Arkham games, but there's no counter, only a dodge, so it's a lot more acrobatic and kinetic in that sense. Fights eventually become almost puzzle-like, with you putting together combos with the appropriate property to get through the fight.

For instance, some enemies will always damage you when you attack them, so in order to actually survive the encounter you need to create combos that heal you as you attack. Couple that with other sorts of enemies, and then you've got to figure out how to work in enough properties to get through it. It's not terribly complicated, but it's interesting enough to keep the otherwise simple combat something you need to think about.

The Old Republic

The grand failure of an MMO. I loved how this was basically a single-player BioWare RPG mixed with World of Warcraft and set to Star Wars. I dabbled in the beta but only got in more seriously when it went free-to-play. Eventually I lost interest but recently have come back hard. Deleted all my old characters and started fresh. I'm more into MMOs now than I was, and I've also come to appreciate much more how darn nice it all looks.

TOR and FFXIV: ARR are probably the most polished looking MMOs I've played. I'll might hop back into ARR sometime soon.

Watch Dogs

Just had a lot of fun with it. The driving is great, the sneaking is great, the gunplay is decent, it's got bullet time, and the world is one of the best looking I've seen. I'll be trying GTA V when it comes to PC, and from what I've seen of that it's no slouch. Chicago in Watch Dogs looks appropriately sized though. I'm not talking about accuracy, I'm just talking about the spacing of things and the size of them. Roads look realistically sized, and buildings look like genuinely large structures rather than oversized props. It's nice to simply walk around in.

Assassin's Creed 3

One of the best Assassin's Creed games. It only really fumbles on the ending, and considering what was at stake (the end to the Desmond trilogy), it's a pretty fucking big fumble. But everything else was fantastic. They refined the free-running, refined the combat, the game looks great, the story of Conner is wonderfully dreary but hopeful.

It's the one Assassin's Creed game that frequently reminds you that history kinda fucking sucked. You helped the Americans? Great! Now all you're people are going to die. You got your revenge and protected the Assassins? Wonderful! Why don't you do something about slavery, you thoughtless bastard.

A strangely sobering game. AC1 was a similar experience, looking at the bad that's around you on all sides of a conflict. The Desmond stuff also mostly delivers (again, except for the end). We probably won't get a modern day Assassin's Creed game, but the missions you go on with Desmond are the next best thing. Crowded areas? How about a busy stadium during an event. Intensely high climbing? Here's a half-finished high-rise, have at it. They even got guns to work out well.

Great game.

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@original_hank: KotOR is probably closer to Dragon Age Origins, but sci-fi. I'll throw in my hat with those suggesting Shadowrun Returns. Looking forward to getting around to the DLC.

Also, The Old Republic is basically a KotOR MMO. 8 different storylines too, all with dialogue options and whatnot. When I first started playing I found myself frequently hitting F5 to auto-save, thinking I was playing a single-player BioWare RPG. Just keep in mind it's still an MMO, so if you're not overly fond of the classic sort of trinity gameplay (like in World of Warcraft), this is a whole lot of that.

Of course, it's also free-to-play, so you can try it out for yourself if you've got the time to spare. Only advice I'd give is if you're not enjoying the way things are going with your class, try another. Seriously. It might be the way that one plays, or it might just be that the story is completely sapping all excitement from you. I'm currently playing through all classes, and some are definitely more exciting than others, whether it's because of the narrative or the dialogue options.

The Smuggler and Sith Warrior storylines probably my favourite so far, for what it's worth.

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In spite of a few notable scams and failures here and there, Kickstarter has in general been pretty damn successful in my eyes. Maybe I'm just saying that because I haven't personally been burned by anything, but it has been totally worth it to get to experience games like Divinity, Shovel Knight, FTL, and Broken Age that otherwise probably wouldn't have been made.

Agreed. It's proven it's worth.

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Wasn't Divinity: Original Sin kickstarted?

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This seems unnecessary. I thought it was already cleared up that it was a timed exclusive? The only point here that was nice of them to make was to apologize for the confusion, but that could've been done in a statement. It should've been done when they clarified that it was a timed exclusive, if it wasn't.

In any case, I'm still looking forward to see where they take it. The first was a fun game, and all the story beats were nothing special. Hopefully they'll have built on the Uncharted-with-a-bow-and-icepick combat and will actually tell a good story. The reveal trailer gives me a little hope for the latter at least.

Posting it to Tumblr is weird though, yeah.

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Heard never it of but show is know. Most of don't care so much, is worded though fun humour.

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Looking at the combat alone, I don't like that it's locked to a grid in Banner Saga. Divinity's battles feels more free-form, especially when you factor in things you can do with objects in the environment and elemental effects.

Can't speak to the difference in story though. Banner Saga seems like low and dark fantasy, which I usually prefer. Divinity is pretty light-hearted.

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Those are fine. I even liked the Destiny one.

Better than flashing text saying EXCLUSIVE and PRE-ORDER NOWW. That they're clearly goofy and stiff-looking (i.e. machinima) detaches it from the main game, so I doubt anyone (well, almost anyone) would come away from this thinking "wow Destiny looks like crap now".

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@corruptedevil: Sweet! Looking over my library, most I either have on PC (or could get for cheap) or I'm not really clamorin to play.

Playing through MGS3 and MGS4 is pretty much the only disc-stuff I wanted to get through. So I'll probably get a PS4 when Bloodborne comes out and play those with PSNow. :D