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This was fucking gold. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention

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I've seen lots of threads locked just because someone might not like it (in the cases I'm thinking of, no one even voiced discomfort after two pages) and they were locked anyways. Is this what we've come to? Come on guys. Debate and touchy subjects will always have people upset in one way or another, but that doesn't mean they're unhealthy. Lets step back a second and breathe

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Yes it's bad to not like people

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@rorie said:

I mean, seriously, if Marvel's decision to have a lady Thor take up the hammer seems outlandish to you, I urge you to read up on any of the big DC crossover events of the last decade or so for a sense of what a really mentally unstable editorial team is capable of.

A double post, Rorie? A DOUBLE POST?!

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No clue. I'm beginning to think I made a mistake in purchasing it though, because I invested quite a bit of money into the magic 2014 expansions.

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Can anyone explain to me what the hell you do with blank spell books? I have one for witchcraft but I don't know how to make it an actual spell...I assume some sort of crafting needs to happen but I'm at a loss. I tried looking it up and didn't find anything useful