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Rock, Paper, Scissors, tank. 9

I picked up this game thinking it would be as fun as the old school 1942, and also based on pretty much every review I read.  Then after playing through all the maps twice I came away disappointed that they didn't change much at all.  The reduction of classes was a good start, but its still flawed.  Everything is based off the chance that the class you picked will work in the situation that's presented to you.  Except you don't know whats coming after you.  If you picked infantry and a tank star...

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Love video games, but not into UFC? 0

I'm not a fan of UFC, I never was and I won't pretend to be.  Following the hype of this game and recently acquiring a Ps3, I decided to just go and buy this game based on some reviews of people I have been following for a long time.  Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. UFC Undisputed 2009 will blow you away with its visuals, soundtrack, and tight gameplay.  The fighting is reminiscent of a rock paper scissors concept. One move will counter another, but that move can be counted by a simi...

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Rent First! 0

I expected this game to be more polished. Did anyone else play The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction? Its close enough to just being a re-skin of that game. Even the button layout is similar and most of the moves are the same. They just added more gore for no reason and more stuff to blow up.  They even call one ability Critical Mass! THAT WAS IN THE HULK GAME! And it did the same thing.  Look Prototype is fun, but you have to get used to holding the run button down, jumping, floating, pickin...

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