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@Colonel_Cool said:
" It's a very good deal indeed. I bought it when it was half off back in November, and don't regret it at all. I don't know if I'll ever play Juiced 2 or the Full Spectrum Warrior games, but the rest of the list is pretty kickass. I just beat Saint's Row 2, which is tons of fun despite it being a piss-poor port, and I'm just now starting Red Faction Guerilla, which I am impressed with so far. Stalker's awesome, Company of Heroes is awesome, Titan Quest is awesome, DoW1, its expansions, and DoW2 are awesome. My only real complaint is that Stalker: Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat aren't on the list (isn't it supposed to be a COMPLETE pack?) "
Clear Sky was published by Deep Silver and Call of Pripyat was published by bitComposer Games and Viva Media.
Only Shadow of Chernobyl was published by THQ.
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Looks likes some game from 1786.

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@Cube said:
" It's kind of disappointing. I hated STALKER 1. A lot. Nothing impressed me, I didn't like it at all.  BUT, I want the STALKER games to sell well because I believe there is a certain effort that goes into them that shouldn't go unrewarded. "
The STALKER games have sold very well. Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky have sold over 3 million copies combined. That is massive.
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Matchmaking is shit.

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@Roros said:
" I'm still curious about checking this game out, but not for $60. It seems like the kinda thing that will drop down to $15ish fast though, and I'll prolly pick it up then.  The PVE missions seem so utterly unneccesary. It's like you'd add a really crappy "dungeon" mode to TF2 "for the people who don't want to fight players". Those players shouldn't be buying TF2 in the first place. "
The game is $50.
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The graphics look pretty good to me.

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@Fudge_Wirlwind said:
" Holy shit man, you must be loaded! "
He probably just has a job.
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Jeff will be fired from his own website.
He will fire himself if he has to.

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I like gay sex.