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Now I can give Microsoft money for games that I can play for free on the Internet!

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Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops for best co-op?


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This game has been out for a long time.
Cryostasis is a very good game, though.

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@Snapstacle said:
" @ryanwho said:
" Pretty sure my laptop is "faster" than a PS3. And by "faster" I mean faster, I just don't know what the hell he means by faster because he can't possibly be talking about load times or anything else pertaining to RAM. "
Well, RAM is capacity, not speed. CPU  is speed, Graphics and Physics alleviate the processes a CPU can do. Also harddrive is storage. I think suicidal_sniper and gunner have it correct. "
No, it's also speed. RAM has different operating frequencies and latencies. Faster RAM lets your CPU and RAM communicate at a faster rate. Hard drives also contribute to speed. A fast SSD will load Windows a whole lot faster than a 5400 RPM hard drive with slow random access and seek times.
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Damn, son. This game reminds me of

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It has Steam achievements and leaderboards, so I guess it does.

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@emkeighcameron said:
" @Conker said:
" Hey all, Ok so currently, my only 'gaming' tool is my laptop, which has the following specs: AMD Athlon dual core QL-64 2.1 ghz 3gb ram windows vista home premium 32bit Nvidia geforce 8200M G  Ya its pretty shitty, but the requirements for modern warfare 2 i pass it;same goes for serious sam HD, both games i wanna purchase.  How well will they run? can you ballpark the settings? i already went to system requirements lab, and I can play mw2 according to them, but they dont have serious sam HD yet so.. Thanks in advance! "
I wouldn't worry about Serious Sam HD having performance issues on your computer. Like, at all.   And buy MW2 for a console, or not at all, that's my experience with the fucking multiplayer. "
Why? Only difference between the PC and console versions is that on PC, it's on a PC, has text chat, and has keyboard and mouse. Console versions are just as bad with lag.
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"Have no idea what percentage of Infinity Ward's total audience the PC actually represents (probably a small one)"
The PC version has sold a couple million judging by the number of people who play the game daily so I'd say close to or as big as the PS3's COD4 audience, but nowhere near the size of the 360's.

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@Diamond said:  
@Maniac said:
The second mistake was the size of the PC Call of Duty community, in short it's massive.  But lets look at numbers here,  Xfire lists World of Warcrafts daily users at 62,389 daily players where CoD4 sports 101,000(this is only Xfire and the entire community does not use Xfire.) Game-Monitor lists 200k.
This is more of a case of how much bigger the 360 community is.  100K's of players is big, but the 360 community has over 10 million COD4 players.  PS3 community is something like 5-7 million, but you see how even that gets treated as they talked about the 360 themed MW2 demo.
That hundreds of thousands number for the PC is how many people played it in the last 24 hours. The 360 number you mentioned is how many people played in the game's entire lifetime. Players at any given time would likely be around 1 million -- the same as Counter-Strike 1.6.
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