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Huh. I've played DA:I for about 70 hours now without any major bugs. Surprised to hear people have had issues. I do believe in deadlines, but if you see a problem, some times a change can benefit everyone.

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@myketuna said:

I'm waiting for the final version of this before I go ahead and purchase it. I bought way too many SF IV versions because I blindly kept believing "Yep. This is the one. Right." Granted, they were all on sale when I did, but nope. Not this time Capcom.

Still, I am very interested in how this game turns out.

You didn't just update the version you had? Also, unless you play competitively, it's fine to just stick with the version you have or wait for the "final" installment.

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@g3ese said:

I'll wait for Super Mega Ultra Street Fighter 5 Tournament Edition.

Plus by then the timed console exclusive deal will be up and I can play it on the Xbox One.

Great for you, but some of use enjoy competing in tournaments. Capcom get's a lot of hate from people who aren't even the target market for their updates. I'm thankful SF got balance patches every year, and that they were either free or inexpensive. I'd hate to play CoD competitively and have to drop $60 every year. I do think the Ultra update was at least half bullshit with the recycled SFxT characters and stages, but I'd consider SF4 to be one of the most balanced fighting games being played today. Except for Dhalsim. Dhalsim is hopeless.

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I only really follow GiantBomb, so any time there's a blow up like this, I feel gratefully out of the loop. If only everyone could see how odd it looks from the outside.

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@flstyle: Added to the list of games I'll be playing along with SF4 and Marvel. Maybe Xrd, too, if that comes out in time.

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I love fighting game tournaments. Never experienced an atmosphere quiet like it.

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Games that were showing at full price are now on sale. Check again, duders. Money will be spent this day!

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My wishlist has 41 games in it. Let's go Steam sale!

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People actually thought the Witcher's combat was bad? Much like Dark Souls, I think it needs to be learned, and you do have to play by it's rules, but I in no way think it's bad. I'd accept average, but not bad.

Bioware has failed to impress me for 3 games. I have to go with CD Projekt Red on this one.

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@patrickklepek for games writer of the year. I know it's only April. He's been that good.