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I love fighting game tournaments. Never experienced an atmosphere quiet like it.

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Games that were showing at full price are now on sale. Check again, duders. Money will be spent this day!

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My wishlist has 41 games in it. Let's go Steam sale!

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People actually thought the Witcher's combat was bad? Much like Dark Souls, I think it needs to be learned, and you do have to play by it's rules, but I in no way think it's bad. I'd accept average, but not bad.

Bioware has failed to impress me for 3 games. I have to go with CD Projekt Red on this one.

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@patrickklepek for games writer of the year. I know it's only April. He's been that good.

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I'd give my vote to FTL. I think Patrick is disregarding the game, unfairly. That being said, I do wonder how entertaining it would be to watch.

So, my second choice would be XCOM on ironman. As said, it fits perfectly with a daily format and would be pretty fun to watch.

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Silent Hill - A full reboot taking the best elements of the first three games.

Jet Moto - Hover bike racing with modern customization and a super campy career mode.

Fear Effect - Just give it to Suda 51 and I'll be happy.

Strider - Take everything from the MvC series and make a side-scrolling Devil May Cry.

Tenchu - Ninja assassins. How did this every fall out of favor?

Tomb Raider - We have enough games about killing. Let's make one about exploration and/or survival. This would not include killing a human, mummy, or dinosaur.

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Man. Patrick is one the best writers on the internet. Great article.

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@patrickklepek, your setting a bad example. Your not actually supposed to do research when covering the FGC!

Anyway, great article. Glad to see the FGC getting coverage on Giant Bomb. You should drop by UFGT next year in Chicago. It's run by Keits, the Divekick guy.

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My nephew has cerebral palsy. He can only walk with braces and his motor controls aren't good enough for complex gaming. Thankfully, most normal everyday activities he can handle. It really hits me when someone like Osamu can live his dream.

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