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Thankfully I plan on owning a 780 and PS4! Bases covered!

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Apparently they don't allow Canadian Pay-Pal :( Darn!

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Bully, Sleeping Dogs, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Saints Row: The Third, Far Cry 3, GTA: Episodes, Borderlands 2, infamous 1&2, Crackdown.

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Allllllaaaaaaaaarrrrdddd! ALLAAAAAAARRRRRDDDD!

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Get the console you want to get, in the end whatever one has the games you want to play is the one you'll probably have more fun with. This "you need better friends" and "make new friends" stuff is just completely ridiculous, I'm sure both consoles will be well supported and have a long life. Your choice of console does not put you on opposite sides of the berlin wall.

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@Yummylee: Yes, it doesn't draw the entire laser sight on the default setting.

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@Brodehouse: When you use a bench you have the option to craft weapons from parts that you find along the way. IE. Hilt, Tool 1 (primary fire) with one modifier, Tool 2 (secondary fire) with one modifier, then two attachments (in the demo there was something about Stasis) and I didn't come across a second one. For example you can craft an assault rifle with a mod to make it burst fire and a line gun as its secondary fire and a modifier to change the nature of how the line gun fires.

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@JeanLuc: I am going to try this out now, I also completely missed that.

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@JeanLuc: I am running on an hour of sleep, I completely missed the universal ammo. I agree about the hit reactions and the weapons. The cover mechanics felt really, really weak.