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Probably not, I hated the first one. I might pick it up in a good sale.

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I'm in. I also created a Giantbomb group on WoL because I don't have the HotS beta. Just search "Giantbomb" and you should be able to find it. The group is public so you should be able to join without an invite and play some Starcraft with giantbomb duders. Does anyone know if these WoL group are going to transfer over to HotS? Or does someone need to create one when HotS goes live?

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I broke my collar bone when I was young, it sucked. Hope you get better soon Patrick, it took me at least a month to fully recover.

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For me Cacklespit was at the edge of the map. I picked up a bell somewhere and used it to summon Cacklespit. In order to get to his realm I picked up a quest in the town that told me to find "Fade". I think you can only get it after you summoned him, I don't know exactly I haven't really read the quest text. Anyway, Fade tells you to find some skulls and then creates a portal to his realm.

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Someone already made best of videos on youtube of the endurance run, just look for "best of persona 4 endurance run". You can make your own, I'm not saying you can't, just wanted you to know. I think your on your own when it comes to timestamps, or you need to find someone that just started watching it and can give you the timestamps. I rewatched it a couple of months ago, so I can't help you there.

EDIT: What I meant with saying you can make you own, I didn't mean a video compilation. I meant your own list.

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I assume the warhound will be back as soon as they find a suitable role and good balance for it. The beta will probably last until the end of the year. The WoL beta lasted about 5 or 6 months I believe. But yea, from what I saw from the beta, the warhound seemed really imbalanced. It was a unit intended to be able to fight terran mech and protoss but it even got used against zerg. I hope they change the widow mine to make it more interesting because I don't really see it all the much in the beta videos and streams. Maybe make it more like the original spider mines.

It's kind of interesting that they brought the carriers back, just to see if they can find and interesting role for it along with the tempest.

Really interested to see where the game is going to end up when it is eventually released. I hope it will make the game more balanced and awesome to watch than ever.

Keep listening to that feedback Blizzard! Please make this game awesome!

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Checked it out, seems interesting.

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I've finally encounter this during survival, definitely very annoying. Hope they find a fix soon.

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I haven't encountered it yet. I did encounter a weird bug when I was playing with a laser weapon. Sometimes when I shot some enemies with the laser a really loud annoying sound started and kept going for about a minute and adjusting the volume didn't help. I haven't played the game since so I don't know if I still have this problem and I haven't really seen anyone else talk about it so it might just be me. Then again I probably won't be using the laser anymore cause it wasn't that good.

But thanks for the post, I definitly hope they patch it because this game is fantastic.

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It's out! Installing at the speed of light! Finally I get to play this game, I loved the TNTs with Brad Muir so much.