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Yeah, I'm gonna get one for this game. Might not get it on launch day, but this is the game that made me decide to start setting some cash aside

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I'm playing with a gamepad and using these bindings:

They're not perfect, but they're a pretty good starting point, and I find that they make way more sense to me than the default bindings. But I have no experience with flight sims, so this might be crazy talk to you. There's a .bind file in the link that you'll get to pop in the correct folder and no need to mess about with those huge menus.

Also, I'm really enjoying the game. I've never been into space sims before, but with this one I'm all in. Bought the game a week ago, and have spent just as much time on forums and youtube as ingame, just to learn learn learn. Am slowly coming around to understanding how to dogfight competently, how to read trade routes and how to explore the stars. I still get goose bumps when I think about the first time I brought stolen goods into a huge space station, hauling ass through a narrow entrance hoping to evade the scanners.

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Thanks Patrick

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Have you tried doing a clean install of the drivers?

Have NFS Rivals and Fallout been acting up before, or did you just get them?

How old is your video card? And the hard drive?

Do you have a way to monitor the temperature?

I just had to replace my own card, and while I'm no expert, we could try to compare notes.

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I'm saying that unless there's a full overhaul of the pvp encounters in the game...

There is. Read my earlier post.

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FromSoft said that the invasions won't just take soul level into account, but also time played. So a newbie won't be invaded by some asshole with 400 hours doing a low level dickwraith build. Also, magic, armor and weapon scaling is tied to stats, so for someone to stomp in with Havel's armour and a fully upgraded pyroglove is not going to happen. If you get invaded, it's most likely gonna be by someone at your skill level.

Also, there's an option to turn invasions off, but you'll lose bloodstains, player messages and the ability to summon help during bossfights etc.

I played the beta, and while I fucking hate invasions in Dark Souls, I had a lot of fun with it in the sequel. Most of my time was spent with backup from the Blue Covenant, so I wasn't alone. Jolly cooperation! My guess is that it's gonna be pretty fun, and I'm still stoked about the game.

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It goes both ways. There have been several times where I've quit the video early on just to go buy a game immediately. Mostly with smaller, downloadable titles that have flown under my radar. And other times I've been eagerly awaiting a game, only to see in a Quick Look that the gameplay is nowhere near what I expected. Can't think of a good examply off the top of my head, but I find Quick Looks to be a wonderful way for me to decide where to spend my time and money.

The fact that they're often hilarious in and of it self is just a bonus.

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@eternalgamer2: The staff consists of Jeff and Brad for editorial, Vinny and Drew for video production and Rorie for community/forums stuff. Then there's Alex and Patrick off site. That's it.

Also, I don't know if you missed it, but Jeff answered you on the first page.

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Wish I could flag for awesome. These are great!

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prance the sun