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I will play this game if it turns out the player character is Jack the Ripper and all the women he killed were actually evil templar informants.

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@hassun: I, too, hope there are shooting and puzzle sections in a small, quiet game about loss.

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@ETPC: You and like, the 3 other people like you are the only people in this comments section who aren't horrible people. And the sad part is that the people espousing the awful "shut up and get back in your place, women!" BS don't even seem cognizant that they're doing it. They would be sad and pitiable if they weren't subhuman garbage who are not just part of the problem, but ARE the problem.

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@ZeForgotten: These are not real women. A writer, most likely a MALE, wrote them to be crazy women who for some reason dress up in hyper-sexualized fetish outfits when they go out and kill people. And the reason is because they were all abused. Fantastic. And then an artist, also most likely a MALE, designed said sexy fetish costumes. If you don't see the problem with this you're a caveman.

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Simply extending what is there may solve one of the problems (filling the plot holes) but there are still core issues that are fundamentally broken with it, in my opinion. The choices offered will still, most likely, all result in these same new extended scenes being played. None of them will take your choices into account. None of them are going to remove the Star Child. None of them are going to have Shepard questioning what this literal deus ex machina is telling him. So no, this is not the answer, and BioWare saying they were "listening to the fans complaints" sounds like they were just blowing smoke to me. This is just going to be a longer version of something no one liked in the first place. There's just going to be more of it to hate, and be disappointed by.

Edit: Also, if it makes me replay the entire last level of the game to get this, then I probably won't even do it, and just watch them on YouTube. That last section before firing the missile with the never ending Banshee spawns was PAINFUL. And so was the slow as molasses walk it made you do in the final sections.

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Is this the DLC that was made totally in house by Gearbox, with nothing from it being from 3D Realms? I might check it out if that's the case, just to see who was really to blame for the rest of the game. My guess is it was 3D Realms, and this might actually be playable if it's all Gearbox produced.

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Hey guys, remember when Jeff gave Zelda a 7 and for a month nothing but hardcore hate about him filled message boards about that game?

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They never said his name in GTA III, but they did call him Claude in San Andreas.

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To stay true to the Dead Island experience, the digital projector copies of the movie just won't work for the first week. Then all copies will randomly stop during the movie, and start over from the beginning. Sometimes characters will be magically transported to other locations that they haven't been to for 20 minutes in a cut, and then go back in the next cut.

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@Snide: can't you just put it up as a video with no actual video? Just a logo or something, and then for the download instead of the full video, just have an mp3?