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A poetic piece...

FUCK, Ryan Davis... you were awesome for making me laugh so hard I couldn't see straight during your Cards Against Humanity.

FUCK, Ryan Davis... you made me wanna stab guys like "Uh! Uh! Uh!"

FUCK, Ryan Davis... you gave me one more reason to love Mondays and look forward to ttuuuuuUUUESSSDAYS!

FUCK, Ryan Davis... you took me down a dark, dank hole of arcade cabinets and almost dropping a fat wad on a Ms Pacman machine.

and fuck,... Ryan Davis... for leaving us too soon. As you'd say, "Goddammit!" And then some smarmy ass joke to make us laugh. Those Harmonix dudes said it best earlier today: "We never had to meet you to know you, and given only one opportunity, we'd more than likely be friends."

To your friends, your family, and your loving wife, rest easy. This duder will never forget... even if China never does care.

Thanks for the laughs, the games, the good times. If I ever see a seedy ass house in LA, I'll think of you.

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Guys, I'm about to blow your mind:

CD Projekt acquires 4A Games, the developers to Metro Last Light.

Yea,... yea? I think it's a good fit!

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Still broken. Nothing loads. *sigh*

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Same here. And it's been going on for weeks now. This is really making me upset... I can stream anything from any other site at a higher resolution/quality many times faster than anything on Giantbomb.

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It's broken for me, too. I have been downloading games on Steam with many MB/s (not at the same time watching videos), only one on my network with not crap tier Comcast... and STILL slow.

Been this way since GotY stuff. This is REALLY bumming me out!

Even on youtube,... it streams SLOWLY. I pull of a up another youtube video, set it to 1080p and in a fraction of the time, I have streamed up 15 minutes of 1080p video versus 5 minutes of 720p Giantbomb stuff. This is really frustrating when trying to enjoy a video content heavy website. More so when I bought a subscription help support you guys. Why no answers yet to multiple threads?!

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Mine now just wont flat out load...

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My video quality is AWFUL and this happened just recently. Tried to settle in with a drink, my chair, and my PC on my TV (yea!) and then it's stutter-tastic for all the viewing modes except YouTube.


I'm really bummed out. Windows 7 x64, Chrome. I know it's not my connection because I have a premium tier Comcast line that gets me GBs of Steam games super fast (5MB/s+ speeds usually). This is SUPER FRUSTRATING after re-upping just recently.

Tried IE and it still was stutter/ slow / no loading. :(

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@EnduranceFun said:

@ZeForgotten: Stop using the word 'bitch.' Use a gender neutral word, you sexist.

And I laughed at this one... XD