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I have never used it.

Now I am not usually super excited to see adds and if it is a site that I visit regularly and it has the option to pay to remove them then I usually will. Otherwise I really don't mind seeing them.

If I am not able to sit through a 30 second or so ad for the content I want to see then it probably wasn't worth it in the first place.

Frankly I was really hoping YouTube's paid channel thing was just an option to remove ads from selected channels and not separate channels entirely. However given no such option I really don't mind watching/seeing ads especially when I know it will support the creators of the content I am about to watch.

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After a price drop probably.

Already going to be spending a lot what with brand new consoles this year so I can't see anything outside of a super awesome game announcement or price drop that would get me to buy one this year.

However, for some reason I still kinda want one.

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I was just wondering if we have heard anything new about the ability to replace hard drives on the PS4.

I know it is coming with a 500GB hard drive but I haven't heard if it will be as easy to upgrade that as it is currently with the PS3.

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I have had serious doubts about the main FF series for awhile now with the constant milking of the 13th installment. I actually thought that versus 13 was kinda trashed because of the focus on the Lightning story. Also I was never really sure what connection versus had with the main 13 universe and the fact that I started to kinda sour on those games makes this break from the very welcoming news.

Now by separating off into its own main installment it has got me interested again. Not saying a must buy but I have certainly come around from almost writing off FF games completely.

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Same here. Computer will freeze for 20-40 seconds the first time I load up Giantbomb. Has yet to happen with any other site.

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Just downloaded Origin for this game so my friend list is completely void of friends, so I will have to get around to adding everyone else in this thread.

Not going to lie, getting kinda hyped up for the release.

Here is my ID in case anyone else wants to add me.

Origin ID: Thekeenan

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From my first impressions of it I like it. Looks a lot better then the old one.

The only thing I don't like about it is that it is kinda sluggish and stutters a lot. A nice reminder of how old these machines are nowadays every time I boot up the store.

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Had Kenny shoot the kid in the attic - this was fairly easy one as I thought it would help Kenny move on a bit more and stop doubting himself so much.

Told the truth to Vernon - Another easy one. Being dishonest always seems to bite you in the ass in the long run and telling the truth (mostly) has done me pretty well so far.

Brought Clementine to Crawford - One of the harder decisions for me. In the end it came down to the fact that she wanted to go and that there really is no safe place for her to be so she might as well be as close to me as possible.

Saved Ben - Another easy one. Even though he was pretty much a complete fuck up, I couldn't just let him die.

Showed the bite to the group - Figured they would find out sooner or later anyway and them finding out that I lied to them later would probably not go down well.

Ben, Christa and Omid joined me - Christa and Omid were very eager to help even though I said I would go alone. I let Ben decided for himself since this really isn't a decision I could make for him. Kenny continued to be a dick even though I have sided with him at almost every opportunity except for killing Lily's dad.

Molly was probably my favourite part of this episode. Kinda sad to see her leave at the end but I figured that would probably happen.

The hardest decision in this episode was one I didn't really even get the chance to make fully, which was leaving Clem with Vernon. Even though I don't think he had anything to do with abducting Clem, I have no idea why he didn't warn us when he saw the horde of walkers following the train we took in. Clearly he is not completely on the up and up but I am not sure what his angle is or what the angle of the guy on the other end of the walkie is.

All and all my favourite episode yet. Every episode surprises me by being better than the last. Hope the trend continues with the final episode.

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400 is the price it should be if Sony has any sense. But I guess we will see.