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Nvidia have been out of the chipset market for a while now, so not sure what you're on about there (Unless you mean GPUs? In which case, it's entirely irrelevant and has no real effect on CPU performance).

I was talking about the Scorpious platform, AMD have told us that the Scorpious products are designed to be used with AMD 9-series chipset motherboards and the Radeon HD 6000 series graphics cards, so it seems natural to look at those products grouped together to test AMDs claims. That was also my point about testing with 1866mhz RAM, if people had tested the products witin the original design parameters then we could test AMD's claims fully, and that's what I want to see. Now I don't think that this will automatically then achieve the 980x beating results that we were promised back in January, but I do think it will be a more complete and comprehensive test.

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I have to say, I'm really torn on this subject. The FX8150 should have been a much better CPU, but when you look into the reviews in closer detail you see people testing it with 1333mhz RAM when its native FSB speed is 1866mhz, or they are using nVidia chips and then testing it for single core performance whilst complaining about how 8 cores use more power. You'd never see a car journalist review a car with a V8 engine and then try and run that car on one cylinder or complain how this engine uses more fuel than a V4 engine.

Also I have seen reiviews where an AMD Phenon II X4 975BE (a 4 core CPU with the same clock speed) beat the FX8150 in some tests, how can this be possible? As it stands yes the FX8150 is performing better than theh Phenom II X6 1100T but this should be beating it across the board, I'm very dissappointed that it doesn't. On the other hand it does seem to perform well for the price and in many games tests it has beaten the 2600k so I might just wait until the FX8170 hits the shelves before I make my mind up.

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My problem was that I wanted xXMilky_goatnipples420Xx and couldn't get it!

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TheKeyboardDemon on Steam and Origin,

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I agree with a lot of the negative points you mentioned. I have been a squad leader and had no idea what that meant except I was getting random points for squad members following orders, I have no idea when or how I issued those orders!

Team/squad features, I have seen loads of Suppression and Assist points awards and this does help push me further up the leader board, sometimes I have been on 2 kills and had more points than someone on 5 kills putting me above them, but it doesn't make it clear why I got those points, there simply is no recognition for good squad play and if there was I think we would start to see players use more team/squad based tactics instead of just all running/facing the same general direction because that's where the other guys are at.

I also agree with the good points though and I am looking forward to enjoying some loud sunday evenings with you guys while we blast those nasty orange triangles to the dark side of our monitors.

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This is a Beta and looks, plays and feels better than I expected it to. I had the game on pre-order before I tried the Beta and now I am happier than ever to stick with it, before the Beta I was thinking about getting MW3 instead, but not anymore.

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@Questionable said:

I would expect origin to hold a christmas sale atleast

Please don't say that! I can't afford an Origin Christmas sale when I usually spend a stack on the Steam Christmas sale!

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@White said:

I can't access the store >_>

@FirePrince said:

Somewhere at EA, shit is burning.

Origin is really fucked up at the moment.

@Seppli said:

Origin is currently on meltdown. At least it wasn't responding to my calls a couple of minutes ago. That's what's happening when I'm all up in Vindictus EU pre-launch and forget the time...

Ah whatever, I'll just keep on playing Vindictus for a while. Them Orgin servers will be back up in time. Not like playing 32 player Operation Métro Rush is necessarily what I want out of my BF3 experience anyways.

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Downloading! SO PUMPED

@TotallyEpic: Try restarting Origin, worked for me after a try or two.

Sjupp has the answer, try doing this, might take a few attempts before the store opens, for me it was about 6 tries.

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Before the patch I used to get massive fluctuations in frame rates, I mean we are talking around 88 give or take as much 40 frames per seond, now it has settled down to about 90 give or take about 10.

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If cost is an issue you should be able to pick up the AMD CPU and Mobo for less than the price of the i5 2500k CPU on its own, if not the i5 will give you better performance.