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what you need to know is to stick with win 7

upgrading to a new os that's not at least 3 years old is stupid

Windows 7 isn't 3 years old yet...

oh elipses, windows 7 is nothing more than an update to windows vista. same architecture.

But who in their right mind would want to install Vista on a system now? I can get the same effect as vista by removing half of my ram and downclocking my CPU from 3.4ghz to 1.4ghz.

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Why not get a 965 for 30 more bucks? That's what I have. :)

He is limited by the mobo as this only supports upto a 945. Over time you could then upgrade the mobo and ram to an AM3+ mobo with 1866mhz ram and eventually swap out the 945 for an AM3+ Bulldozer CPU.

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@AhmadMetallic: It's just visual adaptation. You'll adjust.


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Damn it Ahmad, you're crazier than the rest of us!

and this too

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Is this actually a subtle brag about how powerful your PC is?

No doubt about it, lol.

I went through the same thing when I upgraded from my HD5770 to my HD6970 but not so much when I went from that to the HD6990 (see I can brag too), the way I got round it was to play hard and then take frequent time outs to just sit back and admire the graphics, if you pick your moments and have fraps installed then hitting the screenshot button (or using the Steam option for screenshots) means you can go back and admire those scenes without disturbing the games flow. I also had trouble spotting enemy players when I was playing with higher details, but this is easy to fix on MP games, reduce the quality settings to make it easier or play until you get used to it, I used the second option as I kept forgetting to adjust the quality settings until I was in game.

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It depends on where you are, in the UK you can sell parts to CEX (formerly Computer Exchange) but they never give a good price for parts they buy and the price the sell at is very high too, for example they have some used iPad 2's in my local store that are selling for more than a new unit at retail price!

Some people think they are great and I have bought some components at really good prices but you have to know what you are looking for or be lucky with what you are selling to get a really good deal.

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@TheKeyboardDemon: Gamertag : Xbox 360

Oh, right, that was the clue. I don't have a current console, so just didn't spot that!

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First check that 3dMark Vantage runs with everything at stock, then OC half way and try again, then keep upping your overclock in small stages until  you can't run it without crashing, when it crashes you can dial it back to the previous settings. Plus you can  run a program like HWMonitorso you see the voltage requirements as well as the temps, it might just be that you require more voltage through CPU, RAM or other components.

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GTX 580 SLI should be top end to high end for about 3 years by my estimate. You'll probably have to wait until the 4 to 5 year point before that amount of performance can be considered mid end. Take for example 8800GTX Ultra SLI (2007); it's nearly 2012 and such performance would still be considered mid end. GTX 280 SLI (2008) nowadays is roughly equivalent to a GTX 570, which is still high end. Also, there are currently issues with the 28nm process at TSMC, and it's speculated that the "GTX 600" series release in early next year will actually be a 28nm Fermi refresh, rather than the Kepler launch. Meaning that the initial performance boost probably won't be that large, and Kepler may come only at a later date.   Also I want some feedback guys; do you want operating system to be included in the builds? My original reasoning was that most people probably have Vista, but now that 7 has become dominant, most people getting a new PC from scratch will probably get 7 as an OS as well.    I'll be updating the builds and adding some new content once Bulldozer rolls around. 

Yeah, I read somewhere that the 6xx series cards would be fermi cores shrunk to a 28nm fabricated die, and that this will be concentrating more on the mobile markets than the desktop. Also from what I have heard on other forums it is quite possible that there will be no 680 or 690 versions.
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A great place to start is with the guys that have the regular BFBC2: Bombing Runs as it's a great way to meet loads of people that like to play, have a laugh and either get totally raped by some great players or to totally rape some not so great players.
Most of us tend to avoid long walks on the beach though, tanks and snipers tend to ruin the romantic moments we could have there.
BTW: you didn't say what platform you were playing on, I sort of assumed it would be PC,  but it is also available on PS3, XBox 360 and there's even an iPhone version but I doubt that you play on the iPhone.

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Played in my first Bombing Run just now, I sucked, but had loads of fun! w00t
Added a few of you to my Steam account, pretty much anyone that was still logged in before I logged off.
Hope to play another round again sometime soon.

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@AhmadMetallic: @SeriouslyNow: Check out this video of the Asus GTX570 Direct CU II in SLI on a P8P67 motherboard (same layout as your chosen mobo). As you can see not only will they fit but you will have enough space to slide the fingers of your flattened hand between them, the cards do take up 3 slots at the back of your case, but internally they leave a big enough gap to work just like 2 slot cards with a single slot between them. Asus have thought their shit through, dudes...