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I like the definition of "troll" as troublemaker. Very succinct and accurate.

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@BeachThunder said:

Also note that this isn't one of Tim Schafer's ideas, it is apparently the brain child of someone else from Double Fine, Tasha Harris. "
None of the four games were created by Schafer; they were all pitched by and will be directed by department heads. Schafer, in turn, is serving more of an advisory and production role in the creation of these games overall.
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@Pyroman31 said:
" You guys remember how in that South Park episode where they get ninja weapons?    Well remember how they looked all badass and buff and whatnot...but in reality they were just wearing crappy costumes?   This seems like the exact thing is happening(judging from the screenshots).  Still excited though. Need moar info!! "
I think that comparison is fairly apt; there is a line in the preview that suggests that the events may be simply an overactive kids imagination on a creepy Halloween night. Thus the kinda makeshift costumes turning into awesome robot-bodies would follow suit with that.
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A few weeks back, Tim Schaffer announced that Double Fine would be focusing on four smaller projects rather than dedicate all their resources to one huge and expensive Triple-A title. The first of those games has been announced today, via a story over at Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your eyes upon Costume Quest: 


According to the preview (which gives a more in-depth coverage of the title), the game has a similar design to SNES era RPGs, with an isometric world map ala Earthbound broken up by in-game cut-scenes and awesome battle screens. The game is set during Halloween, and your protagonist is attempting to save your younger sister from monsters who mistook her candy cane inspired costume for the real thing. The costumes that your party wears at any time affects their ability in battle, similar to "jobs" in some Final Fantasy games.  
And the best part? It scheduled to come out THIS fall on X-Box Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, published through an argeement with THQ. Holy tamale, that is soon!
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(One of those you gotta say outloud) 
What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? 
Anyone can roast beef.

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A couple thoughts from a religious studies graduate and a current pastoral student.
While I would suggest owning a Bible, I'm not sure how I would suggest reading it. It isn't like a novel or a work of nonfiction that you open up, read Genesis 1:1, then read through until you're at the end of Revelation. By the time you get around the middle of Leviticus, you'll want to kill yourself, especially when the majority of the laws therein make minimal sense within the context of modern perspective. It is a collection of works formed by two related religious movements that were later compiled into a collection for future generations. Remember that these are religious texts, not historical documents, and that the purpose is more than simply providing answers to the where, what, when and how of things happening, and is far more concerned with the why.  
As far as translations go, stuff like the New Living Translation and the Message are easiest to read but also take broad liberties in trying to modernize the language. King James is popular for being very poetic and "proper" sounding, but it also is very long in the tooth and difficult for both casual reading and deeper study, as the translation is marked by deep political implications as well. Probably the best translation for both reading and serious study is the New Revised Standard Version, or NRSV. This translation is the most extensive creation by a group of translators since the Septuagint, the translation of the Hebrew Bible into Koine Greek that most all following translations are based upon. (The Jewish Publication Society has their own version of the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Tanakh, that is translated directly from the original Hebrew. I often refer to this, but most of the differences between that and the NRSV text are mostly minor, though the JPS version is much more explicit when talking about sex and violence in particular.) It is worth pointing out that religious and nonreligious (read: atheist) linguistic scholars both worked on the NRSV for nearly 15 years, and is widely considered by Biblical scholars as the most :"accurate" biblical translation in modern English, with most items of discussion/contention well documented and footnoted.
A final note/suggestion is that when buying your bible, make sure you get one that has copious notes. I'd recommend the Oxford or Harper-Collins study bible; I use the latter, and the footnotes and pre-chapter summaries are very enlightening when studying a difficult or obfuscated text, and is very good at pointing out connections between disparate bits of scripture, especially in regards to when New Testament authors are making allusions to Hebrew texts. I don't own an Oxford Study, but I have heard nothing but glowing reviews. If you want an even MORE in-depth view, there are meticulous (some might say obsessive) commentaries and deconstructions for any individual book in the Bible you might have a fancy for.  Avoid versions of the NRSV that have some weird additional name (last one I can remember seeing was "The Stage" or some otherwise trite bullshit), as most of them are either filled with poorly researched or agenda-heavy footnotes and annotations.

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Lets take a quick look at the options of what could possibly happen if you could import your Shepard's Dead save into ME3.  Either:

  • Shepard is brought back to life again, making her/his death completely meaningless. Furthermore, this cheapens that first death as well and creates a bad conceit for the whole universe. Already we have shown that death isn't permanent, because with enough resources anyone (and especially Shepard, because she/he's so bloody important) can be resurrected. Having Shepard resurrected for a second time in particular makes any threat of death for Shepard rather hallow.
  • They have another world-saving protagonist. While this would certainly be interesting and possibly the most rewarding game-changer for long-time fans of the series, it is also extremely difficult and space consuming, as it would require  a whole lot more voice acting and writing to have people address the fact that you were not Shepard, but Someone Else.
  • Have the short CGI scene showing how rotten things went without Shepard before asking you to either load up another save or start a default game. This is probably the most reasonable request, but it also is serving such a narrow slice of the people who would be playing the game that it probably is unlikely.
Ultimately, as others have put out, Shepard serves as the surrogate character representing humanity's place in the galaxy. It is Shepard's story. While I agree it makes the whole concept of Shepard being able to die kind of pointless (and even more so when you take into account it was a highly marketed selling point of the game), I think the expectation of wanting to import that save is just beyond the scope, at least for this game given the amount of time they want to turn the next one over in. The first options hurts the narrative, the second on bloats the game's data to an unnecessary extreme and the third, while a nice easter egg for dedicated fans, is a bit of a waste of the CG's resources.
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While this game doesn't really appeal to me, glad to see this is becoming more of an established genre.

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Glancing over Giant Bomb after a stressful day certainly can have a very cathartic quality to it.

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This seems...bizarre.