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Adam Orth

Sim City


Call of Duty devs

All these people have received death threats in the past and plenty more game devs and personalities will receive them in the future MALE AND FEMALE. This isn't a GG or a misogyny issue as people like Anita and Patrick like to think. Where was the outrage when Penny Arcade lead the charge against that Ocean Marketing guy? The man and his family received death threats, did he deserve it because he was an asshole? Trash like this is terrible and should be treated equally with this kind of attention and outrage across the board, not just when it aligns with your agenda.

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@bradbrains said:

why are people still actively associating themselves with a group who hates someone's opinion about video games they want them dead?

You do know your only hurting games by supporting it. The mainstream media is starting to get on this all they are hearing. Is threats and people Trying to defend so,etching that was started because of hatred.

How come no one goes after the big guns and only small female developers? Because it's not about ethics. It's about not liking people you disagree with.

God I'm tired if the same 20 page thread weekly

There were death threats after Mass Effect 3 and I'm sure there were also death threats over TP 8.8 review. Sadly this isn't just a Gamergate thing, this seems to be a internet/games in general problem.

Here's an article written 2 years ago about it.

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I disagree with almost everything that comes out of this woman's mouth but it's a shame what a shit show all this has become.

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Dan is the best thing to happen to this site.

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Quest were awesome. This site lost everything that made in interesting and unique.

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"The industry almost exclusively catered to a straight white male demographic."

Geez, she annoys me. She acts like if you are any of the 3 above you are some evil woman hating monster. I like GTA, sometimes I laugh at off color jokes. Sue me.

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Microsoft just bought virtual Legos. Get ready to start printing money.

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Don't understand why Android fans have the need to constantly write nonsense comments about the new iPhone. What makes you so desperate to tell others their own choice is wrong? Are you that insecure?

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With all this money MS is throwing around it looks like I bought the right console.