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There is no such thing as a bad Zelda game made by Nintendo.

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Not sure if I will be buying it but if I do it will be on the Xbox One.

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I miss a lot of stuff this site used to do...

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Most of the gaming press sucks hard off that Valve/Steam tip. So it's not surprising they all prefer DOTA 2.

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Good on Rorie for at least making a statement and acknowledging peoples complaints. While I don't think Giantbomb is misogynistic or racist in any way, it would be cool to see other demographics represented on the site.

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I also feel bad for him. People seem to give him way more shit than he deserves. I remember when him and Alex Navarro got into a Twitter argument a couple years back before Fez shipped. Alex said something along the lines of "Phil shouldn't talk shit because he never shipped a game." Naturally everyone jumped on Alex's side because A) Fuck Phil Fish and B) Giantbomb Defense Force. But really it was Alex who came off as the hypocrite Scumbag seeing how he makes a living talking shit about games on the internet and has never made one himself.

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Don't get the Polygon hate. Maybe if they complained about everything all the time it would appeal more to this community.

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I probably won't own a PS4. I bought one at launch then sold it when I bought my Xbox One. Haven't really looked back.

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Forza Horizon 2

Sunset Overdrive



Halo Collection

GTA V Xbox One