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What made less sense was him being in the pool with glasses in the first place.

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I read the book a few years back, and was excited for the movie. I guess I lost interest eventually and never saw the movie. I need to watch it, though.

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I'm a fan of it. :3

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This plushie I got from Katsucon. It's just a cat face. Not a cat or anything. Just a circle with a cat face on it. It's kinda creepy, but in a cute way.

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I would say that I only eat two no matter what, but that's a damn lie.

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Unfortunately, I never really kept up with the previous Avatar series. I know the basics, which is luckily mostly all I need to understand what's going on in this series.

I love Korra's character, and the supporting character's are all amazing, too. The plot is actually interesting, and hope even more interesting characters are introduced. If this really is a short series (like I've been hearing) then I'll have to finally catch up with the first Avatar Series.

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@Metal_Gear_Sunny: Whoops! My bad! Forgot!

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Now, to clear things up, I have practically no gaming consoles. There's my brothers Xbox that is never home, and there's my N64 which is currently in possession of my boyfriend. Therefore, I can't play any Pokemon games until I start babysitting in the summer and manage to get the $150 for a 3DS I'm going to be buying from one of Ryan's best friends. The only way I can play any Pokemon games is if I mooch stuff off my friends. Such as, I got one of my friends to lend me her DS and Pokemon Emerald and Platinum. One of Ryan's friends also lent me his Pokemon White. There's also this nifty little website That I can play Gameboy Pokemon games on. :3

Pokemon Emerald. My starter Pokemon was the Mudkip that I, of course, nicknamed Ryan. It eventually evolved into a Swampert and was level 80 or something. Other Pokemon in my team included a Meowth, a Delcatty, and a Mightyena. Overall, I enjoyed the game. I was able to make a little hideout where I put my little Pikachu and Mudkip dolls, which I absolutely loved. I don't remember much of the game though since I just stopped playing Pokemon Crystal beforehand and immediately shifted to Pokemon Platinum after I completed it. However, I will always remember one conversation I had with some dude in his house. It went something along the lines of "Where are you from?" with the answers being merely "yes" or "no". I chose "yes" for no real reason, and the dude replied "Yestown? I heard that was a lovely place". Wut?

Pokemon Platinum. I'm still playing this game, so everything about it is still fresh in my memory. My human friend I named "Ryan" is a pain in the ass and won't stop running (literally) into me. My starter Pokemon is a Chimchar (now evolved into a Monferno) who I nicknamed WizARD. I also have an Onix (Who I named Onny Bonny even though he's a male), a Psyduck, an Eevee, a Togepi, and a Luxio. WizARD is currently a level 23 and the strongest of all my Pokemon. So far, no funny or interesting conversations have been had, unfortunately. I also only have one gym badge. D: Wish me luck!

As for Pokemon Crystal, I didn't get too far on the game since I had to switch laptops and lost all my progress, so I gave up. All I honestly remember is having the Chikorita starter.

But, yeah...that's really it for my Pokemon adventures so far. I'm also playing on PokemonVortex, which I kinda enjoy. That's all for now. :3

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Yeah, Ryan kinda told me. XD Thanks for the compliment and warm welcome. :3

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