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This dude gives me an Uwe Boll vibe.

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You just made me laugh out loud in university. I hate you.

You are welcome.

Now are we talking about the photo-bomb from the doofus, or the colonel?

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I personally like the hobbit more than the trilogy. Of the trilogy, Two towers is definitely the strongest. Tolkien is a bit slow at parts, but there are moments that are incredibly intense (Sam fighting Shelob comes to mind). If you are into fantasy, it is definitely required reading, no question.

Read the Hobbit.

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  • Jeff/Dave
  • Ryan
  • Vinny
  • Brad/Drew
  • Alexis/Patrick

As far as importance IMO:

I personally think Vinny is probably the most important part of the site, partly due to his actual work, but a lot due to his personality. It'd be a hell of a lot more dull without him. I feel like he sort of keeps everyone smiling.

Drew helming a majority of the video production (with Vinny barking orders and his direction). Being a video-focused site, this is obviously huge. Drew also seems to be the one that lights fires under everybody's asses and is the most rational and "cool" of the crew.

The site wouldn't exist without Dave, and wouldn't run without him either. Obviously important...

Jeff is a huge personality on the site, goes to all of the meetings, and plays a lot of games. He's the videogame historian of the bunch, which is very important to a wiki-based site like this.

Ryan runs all of the big programs, such as the big live live show live, the Bombcast and all of the other stuff. He's a solid MC and a good reviewer as well.

Brad is a doofus, but undeniably likable. Probably does the most reviews of anybody on the west side of the Mississippi (Alex being #1).

Alexis make a pretty site, he just needs to be a little quicker with it.

Patrick definitely has been a huge part of this site, easily writing more words than any other member of the crew. But i feel as though people don't come to GB for editorials, but rather for stupid videos with a hint of videogames in them. That's why he's way down here. Does great work though...


And them's my thoughts.

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Fuck cliffhangers. And fuck the Talking Dead dude. Annoying little twerp.

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Bad improvements?

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Whatever it is, it's excellent.

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The best way to get the cleanest and smoothest shave is to actually do both. The first time you want to go with it and the second time you want to go against. Another interesting tip is to use something like conditioner instead of shaving cream. Look it up, I swear it works better. Also, don't use cheap disposable razors. They are cheap for a reason. Using them will result in you damaging your face more than getting a nice shave.

yep. it doesn't take much longer, but it's painless and very effective.

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@Blackout62 said:

I can confirm that as of last week he is still Properly Petting Puppies.

This is actually pretty funny. Rorie is such a fuckin' goofball.

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Schafer's a weird dude. I kinda like the idea of this thing too.