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If that's how you enjoy playing them, then don't let anybody stop you!

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The difference between the two MSI cards is that the more expensive one has an additional D-Sub output, and also has a "gaming mode" and "oc mode" which both have higher core clock speeds than the cheaper card.

Last I heard the EVGA card was having some issues, but they might have been fixed by now.

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@zella said:

Yeah we have the Centurion Challenge in Canada, I heard about Power Hour after Centurion.

It isn't the alcohol which makes the Centurion hard, it is the sheer volume of beer you are ingesting in that short of a period.

Yeah it's pretty fucking brutal.
I have a pretty hard time with beer in my belly at the best of times.

...It's probably at this point that I should admit that I've never successfully completed a centurion :(

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@mechakirby said:

Does Australia use a metric hour? 100 minutes?

Nope, otherwise we'd probably call it "Power Hour" and not "Centurion."

Does anywhere in the world do this?

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@thekreep: Ya 40 shots of beer instead of a shot of 40 shots of hard liqour is more hardcore.

Ya, you win. Uh huh. ;)

From listening to the last Bombcast, my understanding of the power hour was 60 shots of beer - one per minute.
If you guys do a shot of liquor every minute for an hour, that is fucking crazy talk and I will completely concede on Australia's behalf that you guys are way more hardcore!

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I'm sorry. You're missing out.

Pretty sure you guys are the ones who are missing out.
On 40 shots of beer.

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Don't apologise to me - the only people you're letting down are yourselves!

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We have "Centurion", which is almost the same thing, except it's a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes.

Harden up, America!

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One thing definitely worth noting is that MGS1 only came out less than a year after the first DualShock hit the market.
I imagine that the design of the controls for the game was built around the fact that most PSX users only had a D-Pad, face-buttons, and shoulder-buttons to interact with the game.

After some Googling, I was reminded that the PSX Dual Analog controller existed, but even that only came out months before the DualShock.