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@sweep said:

If you already own the game I don't know why you wouldn't want to experience it for yourself. I thought that was the whole point?

Well it's just a different way to enjoy a game. As a broad, abstract idea, I think the interactivity between the site peeps and the audience would be interesting and fun.
I think I'm romanticising the idea of a whole bunch of different people playing the same save/same character/whatever and talking about that specific state or that specific build.
I dunno man, I just think it'd be a neat, novel way to play video games and interact with a community.

In my mind that's a noble pursuit in and of itself, but like I said, I'm a huge hippie when it comes to this kinda stuff.

It's all about connectedness and finding new ways to connect with each other maaaan!


I wanted to come back to this post

@maginnovision said:

I don't get it.

Why would you want to skip the beginning of a game? Is this so you can roleplay as the person who was playing the game?

Because I don't really think of it as "skipping the beginning of the game."

It's just that I already experienced the first part of the game, in a way that I already really enjoyed, and got a lot out of. I love the idea of being able to continue the "performance" that inspired my interest in the game in the first place. I want that to be a part of my game experience. I mean, it kind of already was.

Maybe I'm also just making a pretentious statement about the rigidity with which we enjoy our video games. I don't know anymore.

Again, it's just novel and interesting, and I think that's cool!

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I'm an exclusively PC gamer, and also an idiot, so the console saves thing didn't even occur to me! That would obviously be a problem, and maybe the inconsistency of game save availability video-to-video would be confusing even if they did just do it for the PC games.

That could definitely be a cool idea if it's a very open game / highly creative game (obvious example: Kebal).

Haha nah, not quite so ridiculous!

There's definitely a lot of room within the idea to do at least some legitimately cool shit. For games that you can spec your character, it could be an interesting way to explore character builds you wouldn't have otherwise considered. Or it could also just be dumb fun to roll with a stupid character just to see what happens with it (or actually role-play said stupid character as an in-game fucking idiot).

Maybe I'm also thinking about the convenience-factor for entirely story-driven games.
Sometimes I'll decide early on in a QL that I'm not really interested in the game, so I'll keep watching, and then by the end of it I'm fully in, but don't necessarily want to trudge through 90 minutes of introductory gameplay to get to where I wanted to be to begin with.

I dunno. Like I said I'm not entirely sure what it is about it that appeals to me.

I think sometimes I just develop an attachment to the particular games that are started on the site. Like, sure I could just play the game myself and get up to the same point or whatever, but it wouldn't be the same game that I developed that attachment to. I know that probably sounds like a meaningless distinction to most of you. Maybe it's just because I'm kind of a hippie in this kinda way, but it's a distinction that I personally value! Like, just the idea of booting up someone else's save in a game to begin with can totally change the way you think about playing it, before you've even started. That's cool, right? Or am I just a weirdo?

It would definitely be more interesting for some games than others, but I think there's probably something neat in the idea. Moot point, though, I guess!

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Sometimes when I watch a Quick Look, or a Playdate, or a UPF thing or whatever, after it finishes I really want to just pick the game up where the crew left it off.

I reckon there's something pretty rad about the idea of being able to continue playing a run that was started for the site.
Don't know why, but for whatever reason that appeals to me.

I get it's probably a lot of effort for pretty much no actual benefit to the GB staff, but a man can dream...

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If that's how you enjoy playing them, then don't let anybody stop you!

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The difference between the two MSI cards is that the more expensive one has an additional D-Sub output, and also has a "gaming mode" and "oc mode" which both have higher core clock speeds than the cheaper card.

Last I heard the EVGA card was having some issues, but they might have been fixed by now.

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@zella said:

Yeah we have the Centurion Challenge in Canada, I heard about Power Hour after Centurion.

It isn't the alcohol which makes the Centurion hard, it is the sheer volume of beer you are ingesting in that short of a period.

Yeah it's pretty fucking brutal.
I have a pretty hard time with beer in my belly at the best of times.

...It's probably at this point that I should admit that I've never successfully completed a centurion :(

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@mechakirby said:

Does Australia use a metric hour? 100 minutes?

Nope, otherwise we'd probably call it "Power Hour" and not "Centurion."

Does anywhere in the world do this?

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@thekreep: Ya 40 shots of beer instead of a shot of 40 shots of hard liqour is more hardcore.

Ya, you win. Uh huh. ;)

From listening to the last Bombcast, my understanding of the power hour was 60 shots of beer - one per minute.
If you guys do a shot of liquor every minute for an hour, that is fucking crazy talk and I will completely concede on Australia's behalf that you guys are way more hardcore!

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I'm sorry. You're missing out.

Pretty sure you guys are the ones who are missing out.
On 40 shots of beer.

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Don't apologise to me - the only people you're letting down are yourselves!