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I don't understand people saying the gameplay is horribly dated and doesn't hold up.

Did we play the same game?

FF7 has what is essentially standard turn-based combat. Lots of modern games have standard turn-based combat.

The gameplay holds up just fine. It's good, and is still good today.

The graphics and translation are what haven't held up, and why people want a remake.

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I want custom soundtrack support, because it can be integrated into the game.

For example, wrestling games let you assign entrance music to wrestlers, so your custom guy can have a proper entrance theme or you can update existing people's entrances when they change them.

Not having proper custom music integration sucks.

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Thanks for the response, Rorie! Glad to hear it's being looked at.

May there be many cute puppies in your future.

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It's the same for me if I'm logged in or out.

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Actually, it's even more perplexing. I can watch videos from BEFORE E3 just fine. Basically everything that's gone up since it began won't load.

Something's wrong.

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Ever since E3 started, I haven't been able to watch any videos on the site from my ipad. The red play icon disappears when I touch it, then I wait, and nothing. Just a black screen. It used to take maybe five seconds to start playing, but now even after several minutes I get nothing.

This is a big problem, as my ipad is my primary browsing device now. Everything before Monday was fine. What happened?

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Privilege is a real thing and absolutely relevant to the conversation.

Cisgender people are in a priveledged position where they can play any game and know their gender status won't be mocked and marginalized.

Transgender people are in a position where the vast majority of games either won't have any representation for them at all, or will mock them and belittle them.

So for someone to say that the lack of positive treatment of transgendered people in games is a non-issue and to bring out the old "everyone gets made fun of, you just want a group to be treated special" is an incredibly hollow and meaningless argument made from ignorance.

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I like how wanting transgender people to not solely exist in the game as a joke while the same game makes no cis jokes at all is "wanting special treatment".

Some people are just truly oblivious to their social privileges.

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The jokes aren't harmless.

It's not that GTAV, on it's own, in a bubble, in a vacuum, is the problem. The problem is that it is not in a bubble, not in a vacuum. It is part of a mosaic that contributes to cultural trends and attitudes. When almost every example of transgendered people in popular culture is these kinds of "jokes", it fosters those attitudes towards transgendered people in real life. Why do you think transgendered people are treated so poorly? Because people have been encouraged to believe that transgendered people are "wrong" or "weird" or "traps" or "perverts" or one of the many negative stereotypes the media constantly portrays them as.

Representation in media matters a whole hell of a lot and to claim otherwise is a total falsehood. If representation of transgendered people in media was actually fair an balanced way less people would kick up a fuss when something like GTAV does what it did. No one gives a crap when something makes fun of white people or straight people or cisgendered people for this reason, because white people and straight people and cisgendered people don't have to worry about how almost everything in pop culture portrays them as a joke.

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The argument that we shouldn't have a problem with GTA's portrayal of transgenderism because "it's GTA it makes fun of everyone" falls incredibly flat.

The game makes no effort to take the piss out of cisgendered people. There are people who are cis who are the butt of jokes, but not because of their status as a cisgendered person.

On the flipside, literally the only examples of transgendered people in the game is to be the focus of some very cruel, ignorant "humor" that makes fun of them for being transgendered.

So no, you don't get to claim that these "jokes" are fair, or that people that have a problem with them want transgendered people to be "special snowflakes" and "treated better than everyone else". That is just plain bullshit. Because no, the game in fact does not make fun of everyone.

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