Mourning a Man I Never Met

I never met Ryan Davis. With the exception of a week's vacation a decade ago I never even spent time in the state he called home. Yet when the news of his passing came across my Twitter feed yesterday it felt like the air went out of the room. I sat at my desk in absolute shock and felt like I had lost a friend.

Via this weird, wonderful thing called GiantBomb I had been allowed glimpses of a funny, intelligent, joyful man and though I never directly interacted with him he made my day brighter on a regular basis. Whether it was a live show, the Bombcast or a simple tweet Ryan Davis and the rest of the Giantbomb crew snuck into my life. I could say to a friend, "I saw Ryan tweeted..." and they'd know exactly who I meant. I like to think that Ryan Davis had many, many more friends then he ever could have met.

I will never be able to play Chrono Trigger without naming my character Brono. I will imagine that beneath every sombrero is a tinier sombrero. I will never be able to listen to another Bombcast without hearing his voice echo in my head.

I never met Ryan Davis and I won't say I knew him as his friends and family did, but I will miss him. Rest in piece Ryan.

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