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Why thanks for clicking on my "mini bio" button... obviously I must have peaked your interest :) lol...

My name is Neo... Ive been rocking that handle since my obsession with the movie the matrix began back in 99/2000

I go by "TheLastNeo" or "NEOX" or "NEO-X" on forums, and boards depending on whats available..

My XBOX GT is :THELASTNEO (if your friend me, just say your from GB so i have an idea)

MY PSN : NEO--X-- ( Spend most of my time here these days)

Steam: Thelastneo (Dont play a ton of steam games currently, but that might change soon)

Im a huge Street Fighter fan, and have been a long time 3rd Person / FPS Shooter (i.e. Socom / R6:V2 / Gears 1&2/COD4 /MW2)

I love love LOOOOOVE the Metal Gear Series, and I think its one of the greatest Games / Series of all time..

Also a pretty big fan of The Assassins Creed Series - currently working on AC3

(Feel free to follow me on Twitter:@rickdiazzz

Thx :)

Also, I make some stupid / random giant bomb vids... Playlist here: