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So I was thinking...

Kojima always seems to get off by tricking people or giving misinformation. I recall during an interview (pre e3) he said that they had removed the Cardboard box because it would conflict with the realistic tone that they were going go (I'll try to find the src and post). Now of course here we are, and there's the cardboard box in MGSV.

With that said, lets consider the following:

There was the whole debacle with David Hayter no longer voicing "SNAKE". Combine that with the fact that we've heard very very little of actual Keifer in Ground Zeroes or any trailers thus far. There is zero logic to this considering the entire MGS series is very much driven by story and voice acting; I'd say the pillars of the franchise.

What if, somehow.. David Hayter is still involved along side of Keifer. Solid Snake / Big Boss respectively? I highly doubt you somehow dont hire the beloved Hayter to voice Snake, replace him with Keifer, but somehow he's too busy to allow for multiple V.O. Sessions. I know its dumb... but I cant help but wonder...

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Since the recent patch for ps3, I have seemingly inherited that crappy main menu glitch where it will not load the main menu.

I've deleted game data, restarted multiple times, yada yada.. It works whenever the hell it wants to and is totally Inconsistent

Any help would be great


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@sdharrison: Thank you for drawing my attention to these reviews. That shit looks amazing, expensive and time consuming as Fuck.

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This is really fantastic. Thanks so much for posting, and sharing with us. Amazing work bro.

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I love the "this year" gb collections you put up every year..

Thank you so much for doing this. Cant wait to listen!

Miss ya Ryan.

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Nope. It felt weird enough mourning the death of someone I hadn't met or knew personally. Your heart is in the right place, but that's some Robin Williams in One Hour Photo shit.

I understood that reference!

and yeah, do to it. super creepy.

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Great write up Alex...

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Wow.. that was amazing!

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@MrWizard6600: Sweet jesus, such a great bombcast moment.. here's this animated version a community member made