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WTF... super weird.

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lol... EPIC!!!  Thanks for sharin duder!

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@wrathofconn: indeed.
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@TheLegendofLuke said:

" So you can see the new costumes? "

@VicRattlehead said:

" @TheLegendofLuke

So you can see the new costumes?
well, just tried to go to the marketplace, and it says that it cant retrieve the information.  
My guess its that its an update for the costumes, but they're not up yet.
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@AlisterCat: Wow... thats quite gay.  thanks for the heads up
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Just fired up SSFIV, and got an xbox message "an update is avail" etc.. 
did a quick search here , google, and twitter.. didnt see anything 
Im confused. 
or is this just a patch for the NEW NXE?

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@Jeffsekai: Wow, if thats true and you're not just being a dick... 
then I should just stop caring about playing this game with any level of seriousness, and just play for fun, and fuck the technical jargon bullshit.
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Yeah for the record, in case some of you didnt catch it, i said that i 


But I think this pretty much answered my question here: 
@SuperEvilDOOM said:

This. If you're interrupting your opponent. it's either because they dropped their combo or they weren't doing one.
So basically, if I managed to pull off a tiger uppercut after the first hit of an attempted combo, its because of  my opponents improper timing of a combo. 
Makes sense.. 
Thanks to those who responsed..  its helpful
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In my continued attempts to understand this game more, Im trying to figure out whether or not my success in interrupting some combos / links are a result of lag, or good timing on my part. 
I'll admit that I used to mash SRK (back during vanilla), but ive abandoned that practice to be a better player. 
With that said , there are times where you pick up on patterns of a given player, who is constantly throwing out B&B combos, and as one would assume, you pick up on the pattern. 
I can usually throw in a Tiger Uppercut, after the first or second hit of some combos,   Granted, this doenst work for every character i.e. I can rarely pull it off on a ryu who's doing c.lp c.lp c.lp hadoken 
If I was say playing in an ardcade, or vs a good player, would i still be able to pull that shit off? or can we blame my success on lag? 
I know its probalby impossible to answer, but figured id see...