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TheLastOtaku on Origin (Central USA). Add me because this game won't have lasting appeal for me unless I have others to play with.

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PSN - DerLastOtaku

Social Club - TheLastOtaku

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Carmack and Luckey are going to make the next generation of gaming even more exciting than before.

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There better be some fund or tshirt I can donate to. Ryan memory deserves no less

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Hey guys I'm playing on PC as well. Playing with randoms is super boring and nobody ever uses voice chat. Hit me up with some friend requests: TheLastOtaku

Is there any GB platoon out there? Or do I have to join a platoon full of crazy people?

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Me and my friend playtested the demo of Artemis today. This is what every sci-fi nerd has been waiting for in a videogame. We loved it so much that we bought the full version and got 4 other people on board to come play it at my house soon.

This is just too amazing.

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Does anyone else start up the game, go to the main menu and then just forget to play because you are busy listening to whatever awesome song is playing? I've done that just about every time I start the game up.

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Chie sounds fine. Teddie sounds fine. Its not really a big deal.

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I had $60 bucks Gamestop credit so I went in today and pre-ordered. Not only because I allllmost paid it off with the credit, but also because Amazon stopped taking pre-orders like the day after the announcement. Now to buy a Vita...I guess the Assassins Creed bundle will do nicely, although its white.