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Am I the only one who wrote "am I the only one" for the beginning of my forum post?

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@Still_I_Cry: I think the very idea of "despising GTA IV" is ludicrous. So yeah :P

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@kingzetta: I won't be a BIGGER dick.

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@Blind_Evil: It's interesting how everyone always says the middle of Red Dead Redemption is the weakest part of that game, whereas that whole side story set during the Mexican revolutionary war is easily the best part of that game for me. From the characters to the beauty of the terrain to the grandiose scope of all the events that happens there, Nuevo Paraiso easily stands above the other two acts... At least, that's how I feel.

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@Blind_Evil: Fair enough. Just one thing I wish to say: I personally think Grand Theft Auto IV is the pinnacle of cinematic storytelling in video games - not Mass Effect 2 (so maybe that just shows where my interests lie). Thanks for the detailed opinion.

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I suppose I just don't understand why some people are going absolutely "gaga" over it. It looks all right. It looks like a fairly competent fantasy RPG, but nothing special. At least not in a "MOST ANTICIPATED GAME OF 2012!!!" sort of way. The story and the storytelling is pretty awful. Sure, the world is big, but the paths in between key locations are relentlessly narrow. The game does have an okay art style and the combat is certainly a huge improvement over something like, I dunno, Skyrim. But that's really only as a result of it being developed solely in third-person. So, if the only thing this game is really doing better than other recent fantasy RPGs is having a somewhat distinctive art style and a combat system that doesn't suck, but is then failing at doing what those other games do so well (storytelling, vast exploration, etc.), I just don't get it. Can someone please explain to me just what it is that makes it so appealing? I'm all ears. I won't be a dick. I'll listen... Just as long as you don't lazily continue on with saying "opinions". Now, that's just lazy.

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@Iron_Tool: Don't we all?

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I like fantasy RPGs and all, but this just looks generic and boring. So, I tried the demo... it WAS generic and boring. What makes this unique and/or good for people?

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It's astonishing how unsurprised I am that this is in the forums. Don't hate on Chrono Trigger! Toriyama's artstyle works wonders in all mediums!