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The first line of this article is a pretty bold statement. Bully IS certainly really, really good, but both Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV trump it in my opinion (and many other people's opinions). Having said that though, Bully is probably easily my third favorite Rockstar game after those two, so I guess I can't harp on anybody for saying it is THE BEST... Yeah, Bully kicks fuckin' ass. And Bully II has the potential to kick even more ass. I can't wait.

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God i hate you

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Thanks a bunch. I am certainly no saint in my game, so sneakin' around and suckin' people's blood should be no problem.

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So, I was playing Skyrim the other day (as I'm sure many of you were/are/going to), and during a dungeon crawl I got attacked by a vampire. and due to that attack, I contracted that Vampiris disease or whatever. At first I thought, "oh shit, I better cure it"... But then I figured I might as well just see what being a vampire is like. Might be kinda cool in the world of the Elder Scrolls. And so, after three days of, the disease developing, my female Dark Elf Destruction Mage became a full-blown, sparkle-free vampire... HOWEVER, EVERY SINGLE PERSON NOW HATES ME (EVEN QUEST GIVERS!!!) BECAUSE THEY ALL SOMEHOW KNOW I'M A BLOOD-SUCKING CREATURE OF THE NIGHT (EVEN THOUGH MY CHARACTER IS LITERALLY COVERED IN CLOTHING FROM HEAD TO TOE - INCLUDING A MASK)!!! EVEN THE DUDE WHO SUPPOSEDLY KNOWS SOME SHIT ABOUT VAMPIRES AND COULD FIND A CURE FOR ME NOW HATES ME!!! I CAN'T EVEN GO INTO FUCKIN' WHITERUN, WHERE MY STORY QUEST IS RIGHT NOW!!! WHAT DO I DO?! I'M ALREADY OVER TWENTY HOURS IN!!! I DON'T WANNA RESTART AT THIS POINT!!! IS THERE SOME OTHER WAY TO CURE THE DISEASE?! IS THERE MAYBE A DUDE IN THE DARK BROTHERHOOD WHO COULD HELP ME OUT...?! Surely, they wouldn't attack me on first sight... OR WOULD THEY...?! HELP ME, PLEASE!!!


Sorry for the storm of upper case letters. I really wanted to get across how frustrated/frightened I was.

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I really wanna play this on virtual console right now.

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I was excited to see what footage of The Last Guardian was in the videos... Then, I got disappointed 'cause they barely showed ten seconds of it, so I booted up Ico and got to the first save point, then booted up Shadow of the Colossus so that Agro could have the Ico "I" on her head.

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@BabyChooChoo: That would be nice.

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@onarum: If you don't like anime, this game isn't for you. So go away.