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@lordofultima: I'm still not fast enough. I'm working on it though. Sagat's my main, along with Gen and Adon (and every now and then, Ryu & Ken just for fun). I guess just playing them a whole lot is gonna help. It's just hard to not get discouraged when getting your ass handed to you over and over again. That's why I like Mortal Kombat quite a bit. Because I can actually destroy people at it.

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I'm a little too tired right now to go on a massive rant about how people are wrong to judge Max Payne 3 in a negative light, but people ARE wrong. Dedicated video game fanatics are like cats. They don't ever want you to rearrange the furniture and they most certainly don't ever want you to move. That's when they start whining and meowing constantly and pissing and shitting in a bunch of hidden places so that when you finally come across the waste, it has been rotting for quite some time and smells even worse then when it first left the cat's body. And that's why the owner then gets rid of the troublesome cat and it gets put down because a new owner couldn't be found.

Watch some more films and read some more novels, and you will see what looks so awesome so far about Max Payne 3.

... Looks like I ended up going on a massive rant...

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Street Fighter IV is good... I just don't play it because I feel as though the developers expect me to have the reflexes of a Japanese high school student who spends hours a week in a Tokyo arcade playing stupid rhythm games in order to be good at it. Still good though. I'm more of a Mortal Kombat man myself. Only because I can actually kick people's asses in it, unlike SFIV.

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You've got a hardcore fan right here.

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I'm certainly interested in this... That's all I have to say.

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@Colt: He was in Slither and in Super.
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Depressing. He's one of the few Canadian politicians in the last decade who hasn't seemed like a totally untrustworthy hard-ass. He will be missed.

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@Mr_Skeleton: Thanks for the advice but, will people please shut the hell up about the caps lock thing...? I'm probably gonna get an answer of either "no" and/or "turns caps lock off"... Sigh, the internet...
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@BeachThunder: Why does it matter if I have caps lock on or off? I've got a technical issue, and it needs solving.