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The Leamenator & Kane & Lynch: Dead Men 0

... This game... is... tough. Not tough in terms of gameplay difficulty, but in terms of to explain. It is difficult to explain this game in a way without saying that it completely sucks. It's pretty easy for anyone to do just that, but I wanna try and not do that... It's okay. The plot wasn't bad, it just could've had a bit more polish to have it make more sense, but it wasn't a complete failure of storytelling. The characterization was a little weak as it seemed to stereotype the two main char...

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The Leamenator & [Prototype] 0

"Protype" is one of those games that is really hard to determine an opinion on, of whether or not it is good, great, superb, okay, etc. Here are the two things that make it so hard; the game has a rather mediocore & poorly fleshed out story (though there are some exceptions with the web of intrigue), but at the same time, it has got to have some of the most exciting, exhilerating, and versatile gameplay that I've ever expierenced in a videogame. I've never had so much fun with combat than I ...

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The Leamenator & Grand Theft Auto IV 0

To put it bluntly, "Grand Theft Auto IV" is nothing less than a masterpiece. It is perfect. From the story, to the visuals, to the controls, to the game engine, to the sound design, to the lighting, to the extreme architecural details, to the tongue-in-cheek American satire, to the protagonist himself (Niko Bellic, the most emotionally versatile of all the GTA protagonists), "Grand Theft Auto IV" is purely flawless as it tells a beautifully written story of hitmen, druggies, car-jackers, and cri...

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The Leamenator & Assassin's Creed 0

"Assassin's Creed" is an interesting game... by that, I don't mean interesting in terms of story (although the story is pretty good), but rather in terms of how you look at it. On one hand, you've got this great period-piece videogame with a strange and different story, and some fairly fun and fluid platforming and combat skills. On the other hand, you've got a game that has got to be the poster child for repititious games. Throughout the entire game, with the small exceptions of the beginning a...

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