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I dislike the term "people of color", isn't white also a colour?

Either way, cya Scoops/

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I've never had an iPhone, will you start a fundraiser for me so I can buy one?

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I've been using DS4Tool since it came out, as long as you tick hide controller it will act as an Xbox 360 controller and I've not had any issues in any games since I got it in January.

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@nocall said:

@therealnelsk: Aw, man, I completely forgot about using a Sony controller. I've never really liked them, though. My hands are kinda big and clumsy, and the central parallel stick design of the PS3 controller would also give me cramps.

Holy crap, I just realized I have 3 Duke controllers in the closet with my xbox1. I wonder if there is a way to get one of those to work...did anyone ever make a USB adapter? Probably not, right? And did they even have the right number of buttons? I'm thinking back, and I can't remember it having bumpers.

Oh, right! It had the little white and black buttons offset near the main buttons.

But, still...the Duke. Man...if only...

Or in other words you've never used one...

The DS4 is miles ahead of DS3, the sticks are wider apart and the pad itself is a lot bigger. Though I never really had any issues with DS3 stick placement I find DS4 a lot comfier than any other controller I've used.

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He's a full member of the staff but at this point he's basically fulfilling the role that Ian did. I want to know more about this dude, hear what he has to say beyond the introductory podcast.

The producer position was advertised on the basis that it would be full time production, not a front of camera personality.

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Hope you are on Unpro later, if not have a good one Rorie.

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Isn't it kinda weird that GameSpot hasn't released any official statements on this? Or have I just missed it (I've admittedly only checked the website)?

What do you want them to do, put a front page article about how they fired a bunch of people?

People get hired and fired every day without it being officially recognised.

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@mb said:

If you bothered to read you'd see I was talking about subscriber content, it has been ok this week with 3 premium streams but most weeks it is just a single Unpro Friday.

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People seem to be mixing up free and subscriber content. I am not complaining about the lack of Quicklooks, there is a right amount of them considering I only watch the ones I am interested in, besides you can't quicklook something that isn't available.

I am talking about premium streams, when the summer drought is here and there aren't many Quicklooks about why isn't there more subscriber content.