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KindGalaxy said:
"It's like the Mario RPGs with Elite Beat Agent style combat, really fun, the story is rather... Sonic, but yeah, I really am liking it so far, am only 3 hours into it right now."
My thoughts exactly.
I love this game, and it has rekindled the Sonic Spirt in me.
Looking forward to Sonic Unleashed!
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It's an awesome song.

Nomatter what Sonic game there is, good or bad, the music is awesome!
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Guitar Hero.

Might get the disc 4 Rock Band if the GH Wii periphals are compatable...
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Are you getting the Game only, and using Rockband periphals, or use just the guitar.

Or are you getting the Solo Guitar pack, for the new guitar?

Or the full band set?

My birthday is the week before, so i'll be getting the full band set :)