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Back in, streams ok, oh no the motherboard.... WAIT ANOTHER BABY!?

Wait, what? Who's having a baby?

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@linkster7: Perhaps you just don't have the same nostalgia for the game, or simply didn't enjoy it as much as some people? Personally, I'm extremely excited for this. The first Resident Evil is one of my all-time favorite games, so I could not be happier that they're giving it a complete overhaul to bring it to the current generation of gamers & consoles.

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I enjoy a game called Pixel Dungeon. It's a pretty difficult Rogue-like with different base classes and they update fairly consistently with new content & bug fixes.

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This is a great read. I had no idea that this game was willing to grapple with these kinds of issues in such a realistic way.

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First PS2 game I bought because it was cheaper than everything else on the shelf, Eternal Ring. Really enjoyed that game.

This for sure. I remember thinking it was a pretty good game, although I felt that they ever fully explained how the ring creation really worked.

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I'm having the same issue, but it only happens sometimes. I notice that it seems to update for a couple of hours, but eventually stops updating when I refresh the home page.

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I wouldn't mind a code. I'm interested, but I'm not sure if I'm interested enough to buy yet.

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I just recently found Pixel Dungeon. It's a pretty fun roguelike for the Android that's still being worked on & updated with new items and such. It's free, though the ROM I installed on my phone has a built-in adblocker that I can't disable, so I can't attest to whether or not it has ads.

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The art could use some work, but the it looks like it could be ok. I agree on the VA for Sly, though.

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Mario Paint Revolution.

That should actually be a thing.