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As far as street fighter 4 is concerned, yes i think so. But in most games to me it really has no bearing.

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@DeadMan said:
" COD 4 gets so much praise because anyone can pick up the control and spray, you can not do that in RSV "
Eh, while its true most people can pick it up and get a few spray kills, if they are not good they quickly get frustrated and put the controller down as quickly as they picked it up, you gotta have some skill and endurance to do well at cod4 multi-player.  I like RSV too played it alot as well, but dont really see any similarities. RSV is squad based and tactical, CoD4 is much faster paced and arcady.
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Beating The Legend of Zelda, age 5. Still love and play the series to this day.  Also, Starfox, what does pressing z or r twice do again???

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The screenshot in question has nothing to do with a mod, its when the season turns to fall, all the trees and grass change colors just like they do in real life. Bigger bomb you have my sympathy for not being able to play it more but I understand, once this game gets its hooks in yah its hard to put down, and you may begin to neglect other things in your life....  Oblivion should be nominated for best game of all time in my book. I've played it for a total of almost 300+ hours, and evertime I play I find something new be it a side quest or dungeon, and being able to create your own class only adds to the possibilities. Out of all my playthroughs I have no complete map of cyrodil. They are all only partial, to find let alone explore every dungeon in this game I believe would take someone most of their adult lives. Soon i intend on getting the oblivion symbol tatooed on my left leg. Fanatic, maybe, but as i said, apart from The Legend of Zelda OoT, this to me is the best game ever made, and I would like to personally shake the hands of the creators and give them a tip of the hat for all their hard work.

P.S I've heard that a new elder scrolls may be on its way in 2010, and it is to include a random dungeon generator. HOORAY! I cant wait, and if anyone has any further news please let me know asap. thanks, and game on.

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Yea, i found the map in this game to be pretty useless, but thankfully you never have to rely on it, and as pweidman said if you ever get lost or need to figure out where to go you can just click in the right stick, Ingenious!

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I would have say that it is definitely worth $60, however the current new price for it is, $40, and that's a hell of a deal!.
I would have paid the full $60 for the game any day. It has quite a bit to offer and the DLC seems pretty solid though i haven't gotten any of it yet, only read the descriptions of it on this here site. 

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Agreeably it is indeed the year of Capcom, the only titles I'm really looking forward to so far are Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5

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A mall would be although one of the most cliche locations, one of the very best. Hopefully it will be included in whatever they decide to release, be it merely new weapons or a stage or two, lets hope the mall level is in there somewhere.
Jecrell said:

"Visiting the origin of the infection would be good fun, perhaps a science lab or military bunker with the beta versions of the infected in test tubes and the like."
Would Also be awesome.
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thabigred said:
"Lets just say there will be blood, violence and Gary Busey  will make an appearance."
Wherever Mr. Busey is involved there are sure to be all three.

Personally I think a few new weapons, levels, and boss infected would do wonders for this game (so yes basically every aspect of  gameplay could use some additions). I find it interesting that so many people have become complacent with the weapon sets. i mean sure the ones included are all sweet and serve their respective purposes. But is variety not the spice of life?
Either way hopefully they'll give us something new soon to pump a little more life back in this one.
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well the one that's up now isn't too bad. I'm sure its not the one that was originally being argued about in this post however.

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