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But will they?

Competitive shooter gaming is dying. You can say its not, but it is. MLG went mainstream with Halo 2 and continued into Halo 3. But now MLG keeps Halo in the lineup just as a (thank you). The real money maker is starcraft, where sponsers fly foreign gamers from their countries into the MLG events around America.

Anyways, as I was saying. Before I even continue, i will say I am not a Call of Duty hater. Have gotten every one.. BUT. To many games are going the CoD approach, which is very smart. For example, id say online, Call of Duty takes the least skill than any other popular shooter. Killstreaks and equipment is fun, but it takes zero skill.

Ive recently been playing a lot of Ghost Recon FS. The online is solid. The lower level you are, the more you have to rely on skill and teamwork. As your level increases, you unlock more and more BS that takes zero skill. You can unlock claymores (i feel no game should allow a weapon that you can lay on the ground and forget about it to get kills), Shock Claymores that when you walk in the path, you get shocked and fall to the ground for 30 seconds or so. Oh, and Drones that shoot missles.

I understand why gaming companies want online to take less skill... So that more people will enjoy it.

I know im not alone in this, but its annoying to have more skill than someone, but yet still get killed by them. Every game is doing it, babying the new kids.

Gears of war 3 allowed a super weapon at the spawn (sawed off shotgun).

Ghost Recon FS lets you unlock a bunch of stuff at higher levels that allow you to get kills without even moving.

Halo 3-Reach added armor and equipment to the game so that way a kid with less skill can be on equel ground. Tell me how many times you were in a DMR fight, was about to get the kill, then they armor lock and wait for a teamate. yes thats good teamwork, but why should a kid with less skill get to live. Or in halo 3, you get a few shots on someone with the BR and they drop a shield regen or bubble shield.

Heck, even Max Payne online is rediculous. It rewards higher level players with the best weapons. And i mean, the BEST.

Halo 4 should stop relying on MLG gametypes to save the competitve nature of online. Yes all of these games are competitive. But there hasnt been a game like Halo 1 or 2 where the entire philosphy of the online was "hey, you either get good, or youre done". Not "Hey if you're kinda bad, we'll let you spawn with something that takes zero skill to use".

343 is already failing. But I wish they wouldnt. Random weapon spawns because skilled players learn the spawns of the weapons. Seriously?

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@MrRedwine: Thank you. apparently the confusion came from an XBL agent that messed up. A couple days after my account was hacked, i called in and she gave me the idea to reset my password and recover my gamertag so I can have it back on my consol. So I did that, and then she unlocked my account so i could play online. Apparently that was a big no no and a few days later I was kicked off again. I got online and changed my password but apparently theyre saying I changed the name on the account from my moms name, to my name. Which is also a big deal. I know I didnt do this, and I havent seen my moms name on the account since I changed it to an adult account when i turned like 18 or something. I think that lady screwed something up. Well, in my opinion its nothing. But apparently that name is a big deal. Which I dont understand. If they have my credit card info and where I made my purchases, my console ID to see what console my gamertag has been playing on, and my IP address. I dont see how they can just stall with this. Ive only ever had 1 XBL account, 7 years. Youd think theyd treat it differently.

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Ive been a dedicated XBL member for 7 years now. Same account too. Well my account was hacked exactly 50 days ago during that EA sports leak that happened. Some dude stole my password, spent 50 bucks in microsoft points and bought a bunch of stuff for Fifa.

The estimated time to solve the problem is 25-30 days. Ive talked to 16 different customer service people and each of them has told me the same thing. "we cant talk to the escelation team directly, but we'll put a note on the account and call back in a few days for updates". Im also getting a lot of "you'll be getting youre account back for sure, youve included all the info they need so youll be good to go soon"

Well I called back Tuesday and I guess got someone who actually knows what theyre doing. He told me to call back in a week but told me he was going to hand my case number to the right people because im going through whats called a "stalled" investigation. He was probably lying and the next person I call will be clueless.

Basically, on November 11th the Escelation team called me but I didnt answer. They said theyd call me back on the 12th but all they need is 1 bit of information and im done. So they didnt call me back. I called and and had to talk to a regular agent. they just needed the original name on the account, which was my mothers name since I was 15 when I made my account 7 years ago. Thats all they needed.

Well, i get to call again on Tuesday and see if its settled. 7 year dedicated member.. even stayed with Xbox when my first 3 xbox's crashed. This is BS. I know its just an account and it doesnt matter. But still. Pretty messed up.

So I was to late for "release date shipping" for a game through amazon. What did they do when I called? they gave me a 10 dollar credit so I could purchase next day shipping. Easy, thats how everything should be.

Oh, I have my account back. I reset my password and recovered it. But they have it locked so I cant play any games online or spend money. I mean thats cool to do if someone else has my account. But they dont.

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Just got hacked today. 50 dollars used and Fifa played. after almost 7 years with xbox live, I have to wait 30-45 days. At least they gave me a free 1 month! Jerks.
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Account hacked, 100 dollars charged, then Fifa was played. Its happening to everyone. Its so messed up
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Just happened to me today. Account hacked, Microsoft points bought, Fifa then played. No this is not a fishing attack. Its happening to a lot of people. Now my account of 6 years is being locked down for 30-45 days. Its so disappointing. I really hope Giantbomb runs with this so we can get an explanation.
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@evanbrau said:
" @Fosssil: Its very definitely still random. If for instance a sports team is reduced by a player because of an injury or a player gets sent off the rest of the team will have to adapt to it and if they are skilled still win. Unexpected events are the real test of whether someone is good at something or not, whether they can adapt to them or not. "
In Football, when the weather is bad (snowy, raining, windy), the skill level gap closes. Think back to 2007 when the Patriots played the Ravens. Patriots barely came away with the win (27-24), the wind during that game was insane. I think it was around 50mph. If they played in a dome, the patriots probably would have won 50-7. This is why the Superbowl is either in a dome, or in a stadium where the weather generally very good. This is so that there are no factors other than skill, that can make one team win and another lose.  So how can you say that random events in a video game shows skill and that the MLG settings aren't competitive? MLG is straight forward. Whichever team is better, generally wins. I've lost in Halo 3 many times to teams I know I was better than. There were so many factors during those games that changed the outcome.  Factors that would have never happened in the MLG settings. 
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The problem in my eyes.. Bungie is decreasing the skill gap between players. For example, In Halo 2.. BR was the best Short, medium, and long ranged weapon. If you had a good 4 shot, you would dominate every game. The only counter to a short ranged BR was duel wielding. But of course, there was a glitch that would take care of that. But in Halo 3, bungie gave players a weapon that could mow down enemies by simply holding down the Right trigger. 10% of my deaths in Halo 3 came from the AR. and Another 10% came from a Melee, which most likely came from the AR. In my head.. 20% of my deaths were the result of a player using a weapon that took zero skill. If I die from a Rocket or sword, yeah those weapons are easier to use. But they had to go out and get that weapon. If I get out BR'd, I know that player has bested me for the time being. If I get mowed down by the AR while reloading.. I know that player is probably bad.  
What made me even more angry in Halo 3... when you put 3 shots into someone, and they drop a Bubble shield or a Regen. Yeah that sucks, but I let them get it.  Now in Reach, they are giving equipment to everyone. Its not going to be as bad as I originally thought. And I thank all of you for clearing my head. When you use invis, yeah people cant see you, but you have no radar. When you use the Jetpack you are just a floating target. The sprint is lame, but is usually in the same loadout as the DMR which is fine. And so on.   
But yeah, like I said.. That video has really calmed me down and made me very confident about Reach. Listening to the guy talk about guys Jetpacking while picking them off with a pistol... seeing him stand 20 meters away from someone who is bubble shielding, tossing nades.. Thats the kind of player I will be. I'm so ready for the Beta. It looks as though that the pistol and the DMR will be the two main weapons in Reach. This makes me very happy 
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" @TheLoveAbove:  I think you're thinking about this wrong. They said specifically for things like slayer (the Arena being the only truly competitively ranked mode) you're spawning options are limited. If you're playing spartan slayer, you can only spawn with sprint. That's it. No invis. (at least not to spawn with), not armor lock (different than a bubble shield but i'm assuming that's what you meant), no jetpacks.  Also, i totally disagree with the "Assault Rifles are overpowered in Halo 3". Give me a BR and you an AR. We can play on the smallest map and I'll probably destroy you.  As for small MLG maps, most of the symmetrical on the circuit are forged. Forge is back in Reach. 2 are not, The Pit and Heretic. In fact, not symmetrical maps were in the Halo 3 beta either.  So don't worry about it. I'm sure MLG will come out with their own custom settings. The weapons look just as good and competitive as the older ones. Wait until May 3rd when we can try out Bungie's (in their words), "Ultra-Competitive Slayer Multiplayer Space". "

I really hope so. I just watched some more footage from an actual bungie employee. And the way he played made the game seem amazing. The other footage I watched made it seem bad.  And as for the AR, i was just referring to people waiting around corners and pulling the ol' shoot for a second, melee, and yer dead. But other than that crap the BR>AR anyday. But yeah, this guy is pretty much only using the pistol and its destroying.