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@t_wester said:

I you want sleek production, should you really check out Gamespot the The Point and Reality Check are both great shows.

That's why I'm slowly going back to Gamespot again. Giantbomb was too impromptu for my tastes when they just started. The Point and any Gamespot produced content nowadays are really good. Thanks for the suggestion, haven't seen Reality Check.

@456nto said:

Ryan was an editor, not a video producer.

Furthermore, GB has specialized in the opposite of the "production" you want. Even when Ryan was around, none of the content was "heavily-scripted". Just a few examples - Quick Looks, UPFs, TNTs, Happy Hours, Random PC Games and that one time where Ryan played Star Wars Galaxies for 5 hours.

Like the guys above me have said, this post seems tasteless.

I know Ryan was editor. But he was also host, and he definitely controlled the flow of the show lots of times. And I'm on Giantbomb I absolutely know it is the opposite of "production" I (sometimes) want. I'm just saying GB also has a method to its madness and I enjoy seeing that more than complete madness.

Also, if it's "tasteless" because I mentioned Ryan or sounded negative towards the crew, that was not my intent, and I have self-censored my post. But understand I am trying to state my opinion here, and at least try to understand what I am trying to say. I love the crew as much as everyone here.

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Well you have The Big Live Live Show Live 4 less than a month away now, that was always quite scripted but I personally can't think of a whole lot of GB content that was genuinely "scripted" other than TBLLSL and GOTY so I'm not sure what you're talking about tbh. Maybe I'm forgetting some stuff..

And I must say I somewhat agree with @monkeyking1969

I didn't mean to be "tasteless", but may I ask which part does it come across so? I'll take out some parts if people deem inappropriate. If anything, my point is that I didn't enjoy newer content and it has been so for a while. GBEast's new video brings me excitement again.

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Thanks everyone of course.

Just finished watching the short but sweet No-Go Show. Then I remembered why I didn't enjoy GB as I used to. It seems that after 2012, I felt that the whole crew kind of went in favour of much more impromptu and random content. GB is great for the impromptu interactions between personalities yes, but the site's content has been "throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks". Now everything is just chill all the time, and a lot of overly-long content because stuff doesn't always stick. Maybe it's all premium content? I don't know. The only time we get good "production" is when GOTY rolls around. It's cool that GB is trying out new formats and content.

And I'll say this: I preferred the older "I love Mondays" to the newer ones. Having had the best moments put forward was great, and I no longer have hours on end to spend watching every hour-long video.

Edit: I'll just say I enjoy a good dose of "controlled/scripted" crazy okay? I don't mean to offend anyone. Nor was it a critique of anything. But if people think unpopular opinion is "inappropriate" on these forums then I'll refrain from any discussion regarding anything that could be perceived as negativity towards the crew.

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Screened was the biggest tragedy out of the whole BermanBraun thing.

Well to be perfectly honest, there was imdb for movies and is much more reliable and extensive in terms of movie information. Screened always seem like the WM site that didn't need to exist.

@fisk0: It isn't community run anymore and hasn't been solely community run for awhile. Tom Pinchuk has been doing videos for AV for several years now and the revamped Youtube series will be headed by him I believe. So he's their "host" essentially.

RIGHT! I forgot a few years back I actually posted a video of him declaring him to be the Jake Gyllenhaal of anime!

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@corvak said:

Outside of GB, I think all of the old WM sites were wonderful ideas that needed a little cash investment into content production to become really great. WM used its limited resources on GB (a wise choice, in the end) while BB went and did the same for Tested.

Well WhiskeyMedia sites only had one thing other sites don't do, and that is the wiki structure. Giantbomb and Tested just happened to do personality-based stuff that made other sites seem boring/underdeveloped. WM sites were never meant to be video-based sites, even Jeff/Ryan envisioned GB to be a wiki site, not a video site. Well of course, for the more popular WM sites the wiki became something in the backdrop.

I think one of AnineVice's problems was not combining it with Screened. Making them two separate sites was a strange decision.

I'm not sure if I understand you, but do you mean AnimeVice and ComicVine? Screened is a movie critique site. And even ComicVine would be a stretch since AnimeVice never had video staff, and their focus seemed to be wiki and community.

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Chie, I love you and all but you have to admit you don't got the moooooves.

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@super2j: You're entitled to like/find bullshit things, but I think your gripe is so central to traditional story-telling in general. Hero has plot armor, good writers can hide that by giving the protagonist a crushing defeat or make him/her have a huge flaw but the hero needs to be SPECIAL. Maybe you were more specific in saying heroes who are attached to ancient prophecies, but I feel like "[learning] magic/fighting powers super fast or [discovering] powers no one else has" is largely what makes most protagonists fun to read about/tickles the specific fantasy of our imagination.

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Im so surpised about the results. Turn based games are the only games i find little enjoyment in playing. I love real time strategy games.

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@corevi said:

This is incredibly stereotypical. There's no insight here, only sweeping generalisations.

Don't discredit the OP. English seems to be his/her second language, and if OP really is asian, least you could take from this is that the market, tastes, and culture are so very different. Other than bewbs and oversexualization, I say Japan keep making the games they actually enjoy playing.

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You're mixing up your easy-going producers: Vinny swears like a champion, Drew has to get drunk and angry while playing mario party before he starts getting salty.

No way. Has he crossed the line yet?