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@hailinel: Didn't GB use to have a "preferred system" coloured name tag system? GB wasn't going all up and arms amongst ourselves back then. It really is Gamespot's crowd. Always had been atrocious. Or maybe because the site was so big that all sorts of childish/youtube-comment level of users were around, but everyone's saying Gamespot's actually smaller than GB in terms of users by now, I can't imagine that only the worst/loudest/foulest users stuck around.

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Slightly Off Topic but is there even an active General Discussion forum on Gamespot, or are their forums primarily just System Wars now?

There was for a brief period, but it was always just barely hanging on. Once the site redesign went live, it basically died. The board's still there, of course, but... yeah.

God reading the thread on Gamespot is cringeworthy. The people over there are the absolute worst (whoever's left anyways).

...they bury their own content all the time.

Also you'd think that Jeff's ideas about where the industry is going would have rubbed off on them more than it has, this past E3 Kevin VanOrd had a list of previews he wrote up for the games, and I asked him if anybody was actually reading them. So much of the way they do things is still stuck 10-15 years in the past, and it's really sad because the amount of talent they just lost today makes me ridiculously sad.

As Jeff said, there is value in written content. I hate to jump through a video preview just to find things I want to know. I don't think they're "stuck 10-15 years in the past" because they write articles, it's that their articles, as you said, are buried most of the time. Plenty of article-based sites are doing well.

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@mb: I guess a mod needs to come up to clear things up when I mentioned "the management". I understand that they aren't the only nor first to be fired. I guess I wasn't wording it well enough, what I meant was they are amongst the ones to be laid off before most of the others.

So maybe Gamespot really isn't doing that well, but as the bomb crew has stated before, there is still value in written content. I share the same opinion: I don't want to skip through a 30 minute video to find coverage that is relevant to me. Yet people love video content, and it's sad to hear that the numbers support this. A lot of comments here imply that there will be a stronger push for video content, following the success of GiantBomb, and they already took away the Hotspot to make this push. It makes perfect sense Gamespot is keeping the more easy-going fun guys for cool videos instead of trying to make the traditional coverage "work" again. But look at sites like Kotaku! We can still have written content this day and age.

Of course that is all pure speculation. Just lamenting the departure of two really great Gamespot writers, and...

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The end of an era

Gamespot was the one of the first "websites" I have ever visited. I have very fond memories of the different periods of the site's history. This indeed.

EDIT: Wait, Justin Calvert and Ryan McDonald gone as well? Truly the end of an era. This makes me very sad.

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Tom was a person who dared to question why we kill so many arabs in FPS's and whether FPS's nowadays paint a too rosy picture of war and armed conflict. He wrote several, pretty thought-out articles about what videogames were trying to convey and propagate. Whether or not we should berate the millionth war simulator in which the americans are always the heroes and the arabs or russians are inherently evil. The comments he got were pretty toxic and juvenile. Another thing McShea was famous for, was rating critically acclaimed games with a 7.5/10. He got constant shit for his reviews, both in his reviewspage and the forums and beyond that.

Carolyn wrote articles about misogyny in videogames and whether this is a development we should actively dismiss. Again, an author who goes further than "You shot that guys face off with a rocket launcher! Awesomesauce!". But it was met with a lot of transgender insults. The same goes for her GTA5 review, a few lines about misogyny in GTA5 incited in entire flame wars that went on for weeks. The editorial team and the admins had to step in to stop the abuse.

The lay-off of these two people are quite shitty. This reaffirms that the videogame industry does not want dissent voices as reviewers. Everything has to be the same regurgitated crap of oozing praise without posing any question of its contents. Mind you, this very site is property of CBSi and these layoffs have proved once again critical thinking is not wanted at all.

Thanks for typing this. This is exactly what I'm thinking right now. Of the Gamespot crew, these two definitely represented the more intellectual and diverse voices of the editorial crew. It says something about the management how they are first to be fired, especially Tom McShea was actually quite an old timer.

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I report it. It's fun and easy on my end, it's not like I need to type a paragraph to correct/scream at them. I can't recall how many times I've reported fucking dumb YouTube comments.

Also, I feel terribly sorry for Carolyn. After so many years at Gamespot nothing seems to have changed.

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I only watched the quick look but i can see the frustration. However, does it occur to any of you that it's not a game to be played, but a narrative to be interacted with? I mean, the Walking Dead is the complete opposite of The Gods Will Be Watching, with zero randomness but still pretty much just a choose your adventure story?

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from his Tumblr

figured it was worth sharing


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I feel like Patrick is really in a bad way right now on the site, he needs something because right now he can't keep up with the east and west teams going strong. He needs a partner in crime for sure.

Harsh. He was practically carrying this site for most of the last 12 months.

Definitely harsh. Patrick does a lot of hard work to get other quality non-video content up like the written and dumptruck stuff.

As far as video content goes, the only time I personally don't mind having him go solo is the Spookin' With Scoops content. I just think we've been spoiled with all the teams on GB NY/SF that results in any solo video content feeling kind of off sometimes.

"Carrying" is a harsh word too, but I have to agree. Sorry to bring up Ryan, but the greatest joy/fun I had on GB post-Ryan was actually Patrick's daily Spelunky/Binding of Isaac videos, it was intimate and actually very entertaining. My favourite thing about those videos is the chat room feature. The crowd is small enough so the chat doesn't jump twenty comments at a time, Patrick occasionally reads our input out loud and consider them in his strategy, and everyone was genuinely excited when Patrick accomplishes something. It's great fun. I'm not saying he shouldn't get a "partner in crime", but I think he can very well solo on his own.

I really really wish he could read this so I can give the man a pat on the back for the amazing work he has done with that feature (and his other stuff too).

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Vinny joining Scoops and Wolf would be a great reason for GiantBombers who don't follow the video series to come and see what it's about. That'd make it the Giantbomb Eastcast.

Patrick and Alex are great btw, always enjoyed the small chat room setting of Bombin' in the AM.

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Im thInking two rts games. As much time ive put into age of empires 2, id say the coolest rts game ive played is Seven Kingdoms 2.