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@trafalgarlaw: I know enough people who finished the PS3 version of Skyrim, it was the worst version but it ran more or less the same as the 360 version. Comparing Gamebryo on Hitman to Skyrim has to be one of your more wild stance's, two incomparable games, years apart with two very different goals in mind. New Vegas is a more accurate comparison, but that was Obsidian and guaranteed NV was developed entirely separate from Skyrim, we don't know any of the specifics: What did Obsidian start with? Are the engine versions the same? Did they follow the same path or has it branched like crazy?

I also take issue with the notion that you feel Bethesda is incompetent, few of us here have developed anything even approaching the size of a ES game. Few of us can properly understand the massive challenge of doing the QA for something like a ES game, and even fewer understand what it's like to fix those issues and not break countless other things. I rate your tirade against "Journalist", 1 Sony branded soap box out of 5.

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@leburn98: As a Canadian who paid the 69.99 + 13% HST it rang in at $79.09, that's just absurd for what you get in the package. I'm glad you liked it though?

Can anyone explain to me why there are two users in this thread claiming they "Loved" the game and yet had only watched recorded or live playthroughs? You can say you like the look of the game, perhaps state how the shooting looks fine...but making Qualitative statements on a game? A game that hasn't divorced you from your hard earned money? It just seems premature, disingenuous and extremely irresponsible.

Anyone else feel the scene with a certain rich fellow in the game and thrown knife are kiiiiinda stupid? No ones like... Hey Rich guy, you're weathering a thrown knife awfully well for a rich guy. What's up with you Rich guy? That one and the old guy with Perceval, what's that about? I'll tell you about it...sometime never, I don't know anything really.

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@sinjunb said:

Jeff has horrible taste so this isn't surprising. Shooters and action games trump actually intelligent and memorable shit for him.

Wow, don't you sound like a fun guy.

Don't be a dick is a rule here, and you're being the biggest small dick here.

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@earth001 said:

I am surprised that we live in the year 2014 and there are still a lot of people who don't like video games. I would like to know why that is and is there a way to change it? Many people have a lot of negative opinions about video games: that they are a waste of time, that games are too violent, too addictive, they serve no virtual purpose, games are for kids, and many more. I want to know why do so many people still have a lot of negative things about video games and will this go away? Looking back on previous history every generation have looked down on the newest medium. Comic books, rock music, radio, movies, Dungeons and Dragons, television, and finally video games have all been through the cycle. Now its just gaming's turn. Will gaming ever be accepted or respected like what happened to earlier forms of media?

Because this is all true? You know, it's okay to realize not everything is the same to all people. You are not achieving anything, really, by playing games. Some people do not like that. They'd rather put their time in their own small business to make it grow than grind for hours in Destiny to see a number hit 30. That is fine. There is no reason to 'change' that. Some people do not like violence. When you are required to torture someone in a game or decapitate them, it turns them off. That is fine. There are also people who can't stop playing a game and it interferes with their lives to the point where they skip meals, social interactions and even work to play.

It's okay to not like games. For any of these reasons.

What Zevvion said, it's all true.

Some of us here grew up in a time where you got picked on, beat up, ostracized etc for liking games and identifying as someone who regularly plays games. Be grateful those days are mostly gone, hell I grew up in the 90's was athletically talented and that still wasn't enough to stop the bullying. Some people just aren't going to like games, and by extension you if that's what you're ALL about. Just move on, let them think what they want to think it can't hurt you or what you enjoy.

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"I hate to present this as one side attacking another side when, at the end of the day, the video games that join this whole thing together makes this more of an "us versus us" sort of conflict. But some of the people falling on the "anti-" side of the GamerGate are employing the same sort of "you are with us or against us" mentality. As those people get more frantic, they also damage the message they're trying to express. Silence isn't complicity. Silence might also be not letting a campaign of hate and chaos be taken seriously by not giving it a place at the table. Now, from a distance, this whole topic looks like every other politicized media conspiracy, with two sides full of extremists and a bunch of people in the middle looking disillusioned by the whole debacle."

Fucking golden, I can't stand how when I point out language used on both sides has been incredibly toxic; It gets shouted down as either some Journos industry apologist or a closet misogynist.

@jeff@brad@patrickklepek@vinny@rorie@alex@danryckert Love you guys and the community as a whole, I know deep down we just want a place to watch grown men do stupid stuff involving games.

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@wrathofbanja: Aaaaand generally a new iPhone is pretty big when it comes to the evolution and expansion of phone games. Alienware PC's don't have any of that, and it's not something that interests Patrick.

The iPhone 6 is relevant to Patrick, and it's something he personally is excited about. Giantbomb is as I understand it over the 6+ years I've been coming here, a place for the guys to basically express whatever it is they are passionate about. Or should we take down all of the Movie podcasts, Alt F1, Power bombcast, Drews travel log to Korea, the Iceland trip etc. Seriously, sometimes you people argue about the most asinine shit imaginable.

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I'm actually quite disappointed on the reporting of this whole tomb raider thing. It seems like everyone that reported on this, including here on giant bomb, reported the story as though this was for sure a lifetime exclusive. It would've been nice if in their articles, reporters stated that they were awaiting for further clarification or definitive confirmation about whether or not this was the case, as we've gotten now. While it is their job to report the news as it happens, on a story like this where there is much confusion considering how the statement was made at the conference, it would've been better to see the story reported as a possibility of lifetime exclusivity rather than a statement of fact.

I'm all for being patient with reporting the news, but there was nothing ambiguous about what Microsoft announced yesterday. It said it was an exclusive to Xbox One. That word has a very specific term, and Microsoft deliberately mislead people. Microsoft knew exactly what it was doing when it trotted out that term the way it did.

exactly. and this is the real story. this included microsoft directly responding after the fact to people who said it was probably a timed exclusive with the opposite information.

It will be interesting to see how this effects sales. I mean microsoft already doesn't have have huge grab of gamers right now and I wonder how many who were thinking of investing to get the game will not based on how they feel they were treated.

So as an Xbox One and PS4 owner I was treated poorly? When 90%+(Not a hard number, but the percentage is massive) don't watch these press conferences or keep up on this information, I think you're overstating the damage something like this could potentially do. Absolutely it will have an effect on the sales, will it be enouh to turn the game from a success to a grand failure? .....No.

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@gunslingerpanda: I agree it should be discounted, but certainly not free. Getting the PC/360/PS3 versions running isn't just a copy paste job as I'm sure you know. It costs money! I'm also just going to throw this out there, you're also dealing with licensing and other kinds of jazz that prohibit this kind of stuff.