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@connerthekewlkid: I also enjoy how @seppli posits that the memory bandwidth difference will make some mind blowing difference in the games. The Xbox One is definitely weaker, "significantly" weaker though....ehhhh that's kind of a stretch. The difference will always be in the ballpark of what the differences were on the PS3 vs 360, so there will definitely be differences just nothing so distinct that one is clearly the inferior version.

This thread has been one big ball of depression, it's highlighted how even on a platform specific board on Giantbomb. You can never escape the "My plastic box, is better than the other plastic boxes and if you don't agree you're dumb." We're talking about games guys, video games and the divisiveness of this crap has to change or what the hell is the point?

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I played the mod a fair bit back in the day, if this is that but more polished I'm actually kinda intrigued. Now if only the funds would be deposited in my account, when the bank is slow it makes me want to stab kittens.

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@joshwent said:

My one hope for 2014 is that we all find ways to be less divisive, but it clearly hasn't taken root yet. We need to get past this erroneous "indies are always the heroes vs those huge stifling corporate devs" mentality.

There's plenty of personal risk for independent developers, but the risk is personal--their livelihood.

I'm not doubting this is true, but you have to accept that it remains true no matter how big the dev is. One failed indie game could mean 4 people loosing their livelihood. One failed AAA game means potentially 100s of people's livelihood lost.

What you see as huge companies limiting creativity can also easily be seen as a company trying to create excellent art while maintaining a stable environment and job security for everyone involved.

And please, as was mentioned above, BI was only "seemingly" constrained by being an FPS by the players and journalists who didn't want it to be an FPS in the first place. Ken Levine has repeatedly said, even in his post BI interview on this very site that he wanted to make an FPS. Things like their shitty cover starring generic dude, he freely admits to being an intentional move to sell more copies so that they can reach a broader audience. But claiming that the fundamental underlying mechanic of the game is only a part of it because he was constrained creatively is just an utterly false assumption.

This was all sexy, I love it.

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White people complaining about rap/hiphop - Confirmed.

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May I ask you something? Which game coming out on either the PS4 or Xbox One screams next gen to you? No it's pretty clear that this launch is the exact same as the 360 and PS3's launch, a pile of games that would have been perfectly capable of existing on the previous generations hardware, 64 players in Battlefield 4 isn't enough, better lighting and a higher resolution isn't enough. I simply refuse to get burned again, both the 360 and PS3's first year on the market were painfully boring.

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Must have been all the talk of how the PS4 and Xbox One aren't the leap everyone had hoped that has got people down on this UPF. Space Engineer was great, the conversation was great and yeah knocking down expectations on the consoles. It all makes for a great show.

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@castiel: Respek, that was a classy move.

As someone who buys the yearly NHL and has purchased every single CoD since it's beginning in 2003, I can safely say Pokemon is a different beast altogether. Meaningful changes are made and believe it or not Pokemon at competitive levels does have a fair bit of depth and involves a fair bit of thought. Sure it's played by children, but I was 8 in 1996 cut me some slack! Pokemon makes me a man child in a way very few Nintendo games can.

I would also sincerely advise you not to question the why's and how's of peoples video game purchases, it doesn't really concern you, it doesn't hurt you and quite frankly something like Call of Duty does deserve the flak it gets far more than Mario or Pokemon. Just let people be, video games are a simple source of entertainment Mario Kart or Call of Duty, if someone enjoys playing it what is it to you?

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Everyone! Tell me more about how awkward, and uncomfortable women make you. Seeeeeriously, not every strip club is like the one in South Park.

@thehbk Pretty much hit the nail on the head, let the stigmas go and go for the places closer to a college/Uni, I can't speak to the airport advice but places close to a Uni/College are golden.