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I like the idea of DLC, but it should be free as the content of the game is very short

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Yes, new to the whole reviewing thing, thank you for the criticism, I shall take it into consideration

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I guess this is a blog! Who would've known. So, games anyone? Well, I'll mostly be reviewing old games, and then comparing them to their modern equivalent, such as my first review, fable (the original) when compared to fable (the journey), free to roam is a thing that i have loved about fable games, and it seems to have been getting easier to 'roam', and that feature has turned into scripted movement- fable the journey, this is sad for me because fable was my first RPG that i really attached to, and all it seems to be doing better is the graphics; seriously lionhead, just give us a redo of fable (the original) with the newer engines, and graphics. That isn't really reviewing, so let us get onto that then. The original fable had the exact same plot line as they added into the second one, first you're a child, then your family gets killed and then, after training, you become an amazing hero, the game carries on much the same as the original, gain fame to get to the evil protagonist, jack of blades, and then take a major break in which you are trapped (fable 2= spire, fable the orig= jail), then you have to work to defeat the same protagonist that killed your family at the start. So as you can see the story wasn't exactly evolutionary, but lets move on to the 'questing', in the original fable the questing was very desirable at the time, and easy to use, for to activate a quest you must find the NPC who gives it out, then to hand it back in you tell him the deed is done, get experience and a reward. This formula has been used for years, and it definitely wasn't fable that created it, but it felt easy to use, realistic in a way; it felt good morally. That moves us on to the other major appeal to gamers for this game, the morality system, this game was unique when it came to this system and was used as a basis for many other games that tried the same type of system for years after, this of course is the main reason that I don't want to buy the latest fable, after we were asking them to refine it, and make it more reasonable, lionhead just removed it. Anyway, let us stray from that bad omen, and give a rating of the original fable, and then for all of the games to follow. Fable (original)= 6/10, was a good game for its time, but had an unfinished feel to it, Fable 2= 5/10, although it refined a lot of features, that was all it really did, Fable 3= 3/10, they gave us the opposite of what we asked for with 'sanctuary', Fable Heroes= 2/10, it left a sour taste in our mouths to see that fable had turned into an arcade game, Fable The Journey= 4/10, although it shouldn't be a fable game, it is really fun.

Thank you for reading

Tim Dawson