Best Wii Games (for new Wii owners)

GC = Gamecube, VC = Virtual Console, it has games from... NES = Nintendo (first one), SNES = Super Nintendo, 64 = Nintendo 64, Genesis, Mastersystem and TurboGraphics.
I'm going to list the ones I know are good and a few that have gotten great reviews.  I will also include Gamecube and Virtual Console games that are still good and should be played.  This list is NOT in order of how good it is.  I will put Wii games first, then GC, then virtual console.
All GC games require GC controllers, you can NOT use Wii controllers for it.   You also need an old GC memory card for saves for GC games.
Virtual Console games are weird.  You need a classic controller for some of them ,but not all.  If it's a NES or Genesis game you don't need it, but for N64 games you need the classic controller, but only 1.  Repeat, you only need 1 classic controller.  You can use GC controllers for the rest.  So what I did was buy 1 classic controller and 4 GC controllers.  So I can play any GC game 4 player AND any virtual console game 4 player (like Star Fox 64)

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