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In lieu of a proper description of myself and my interests I'm going to link you to my lists. This way this bio won't be outdated in a few years like the old one was. If you aren't interested in doing than fine, in brief, my first game was Donkey Kong Country, I've been a Giant Bomb devout since 2009, and during my time here I've made an effort to broaden my horizons and find the games that speak to me whether they're in a genre I like or not.

Here are my collections. For each game an opinion and a rating. They are separate lists due to list size limitations.

There is also a separate list of games I love.

Here is a list of first loves in genre X Y Z. Each item an example of me broadening horizons.

Here is my Best of Collection, each item being my GOTY of each year starting from 1994 plus a runner up for each.

I also have more lists which may include top 10s for recent years and lists of miscellaneous award categories which I make for no reason. I can be found on Twitter, on Steam, on Xbox Live , on PSN (TheMastaDS), and on Nintendo. (Wii U: TheMasterDS, 3DS: 1977-0387-8995)

(I sure hope these links are working if you're looking at this.)