Thoughts about Splosion Man

Finished Splosion man, it's too fucking hard. If I were to rate the first 20, 30 levels alone I'd probably give it a 4 or a 5, but the back half is so unreasonabley hard, and pays no attention to flow, and as a straight foward platformer whos only virtue is that every jump's trajectory is thoughtfully done right such that it can be hit in a perfect run, enemies that hold you up until you bat back 10 projectiles and a difficulty which can have you do the same 20 second stretch for 10 minutes break flow far too often. I really enjoyed level 1-12, but everythings downhill from there, levels become less open ended, free spirited and just plain fun and become exorcises in controller snapping frustration. I'd call it a 2/5, but thats because I'm biased from just having played the last world. The game works well when it's not too hard, and the multis a lot of fun, though timing puzzles based around 4 people and sploding off one another breaks with the presence of lag which seems to fuck up any game, and even moving platforms can be fucked by lag, resulting in platforms in two different places for different people, even after they stop moving, which is not how you build a multiplayer game dependant of coordination on Live. The game feels fun, but at the same time much of it is simply broken. I'd recommend it, but if you value your controllers you should probably stop around world 2. 4/5 
(This review was copy and pasted from twitter, hence why it is a wall of text.)


A good HP game could be made if they didn't use HP Characters

The Half-Blood Prince Quick Look and the demo of Order of the Phoenix I found on Live Marketplace both seem to be all kinds of terrible. In terms of gameplay they look bland, and fail to capitalize on the fun that might be had being a powerfull wizard in Harry Potter's universe. First off, for gameplay, a rail flier and a potions mixer are two of the worst ideas ever. There must be ways to make it fun, perhaps you have to guide the ingrediants from one side of the bowl to the other, Viva Pinata Style, and after they touch the bowl churns a bit and more ingrediants are poured in quick. That might be no fun as well, but it'd be gameplay.

Second all the usage of characters in the games are terrible, the acting poor, and the appearances a bit off (Slughorn not fat enough this time around, should be walrus size). Honestly, if they want to be a good game (they don't, though they might after all the movies pass), they would choose a location that involves a lot less of Hermione, Ron, Harry, Dumbledore, the whole lot, and focuses on characterizing the world, and the details of the magic. They could do a game where you're an Auror in the Original War, kicking ass and taking names. They could spend a game in an American School in the Harry Potter world where they don't care about Quiditch at all, and infact call it Ruffletop and call a FPS like sport Quiditch. They could put you in the shoes of Harry as an Auror if they really want it to be about Harry, so long as the action is solid.

Also a thing about the dueling club from the end of the quick look, Stupefy should knock a bitch out. Like in one hit. Sure, it's kinda crap for gameplay, but then you could just change HP into stamina, and make autoblocks take it out of him.